Class AlertListener

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      • AlertListener

        public AlertListener()
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      • onPostDelete

        public void onPostDelete​(DBData data,
                                 org.hibernate.event.PostDeleteEvent event,
                                 boolean firstTime)
        Description copied from interface: DBListener
        This method is called after a DBData has been deleted.
        Specified by:
        onPostDelete in interface DBListener
        onPostDelete in class BasicDBListener
        data - the deleted DBData. WARNING! In a JSync Cluster, when firstTime is false, this data will be null. In this case, to get information about this deleted data, you must use the event and in particular event.getId(), which returns the JPlatform ID of the data, and event.getDeletedState() which returns the attributes of the data.
        event - the event
        firstTime - true on the JSync replica on which the operation took place and false on the other replicas.
        See Also:
        DBListener.onPostDelete(DBData, PostDeleteEvent, boolean)