Class InlineStyleCleaner

  • public class InlineStyleCleaner
    extends AttributeCleaner
    Clean HTML style attribute using a whitelist of authorized css properties.
    jcms-10.0.0 / JCMS-6170
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      • InlineStyleCleaner

        public InlineStyleCleaner()
        Build a new cleaner
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      • cleanSingleValue

        protected java.lang.String cleanSingleValue​(java.lang.String cssProperty)
        Description copied from class: AttributeCleaner
        Clean individual value of the attribute.

        When attributes accept several values (such as "class" attribute), this method is invoked for each of this value.
        When attributes accept only one value (such as "id" attribute), this method is invoked one for the whole attribute value.

        Override to provide custom cleaning behavior.

        cleanSingleValue in class AttributeCleaner
        cssProperty - the unsafe attribute value (or "split" value in case multiple values)
        a safe sanitized value (or empty string if no value was kept, never return null)