Class CacheManager.ServerCacheLRU

  extended by com.jalios.jcms.CacheManager.ServerCacheLRU
Enclosing class:

protected class CacheManager.ServerCacheLRU
extends Object

Helper class used to store the LRU collection of server's caches.

Instance of this class do NOT store any content, it is only used to provided a LRU map thus helping in removing cache not being used when they exceed the maximum number of cache authorized in configuration.

One instance of LRY is always created for the default configuration of the CacheManager, as defined through property :

 cache-mgr.max-servers-cache-nbr: 1000

Additionnal configuration can be created using following property :

 cache-mgr.configuration.{myconfiguration}.max-servers-cache-nbr: 200
An alternate configuration is used by specifying attribute "configuration" to the jalios:cache tag to the same value used in properties's name (eg "{myconfiguration}")

Field Summary
protected  String config
protected  int maxServersCacheNbr
protected  Map<String,String> serversCacheIdMap
Constructor Summary
CacheManager.ServerCacheLRU(String configuration)
Method Summary
 void reinitialize()
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Field Detail


protected final transient String config


protected transient int maxServersCacheNbr


protected transient Map<String,String> serversCacheIdMap
Constructor Detail


public CacheManager.ServerCacheLRU(String configuration)
Method Detail


public void reinitialize()

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