Package com.jalios.jcms.authentication

Class Summary
AuthenticationContext Object used by AuthenticationHandler when implementing AuthenticationHandler.login(AuthenticationContext) or AuthenticationHandler.logout(AuthenticationContext)

Use the AuthenticationContext to : retrieve informations required to perform the authentication (request, response, login..
AuthenticationHandler An AuthenticationHandler is an object that perform user authentification.

JCMS manages a list of AuthenticationHandler sorted using the natural order provided by this abstract class using the order parameter of the constructor.
Use this order parameter to modify the position of your handler in the authentication chain.

Override one or both of the following methods to provide your own authentication mecanism : AuthenticationHandler.login(AuthenticationContext) AuthenticationHandler.logout(AuthenticationContext) When implementing any of those method, make sure you either call the super method or either invoke the chain yourself, NOT BOTH!

The AuthenticationHandler.loadProperties() method can be overridden to load/reload properties as needed.
AuthenticationManager This singleton manages all the authentication process in JCMS.

It is responsible to store and invoke all the AuthenticationHandler.
LoginResult Internal class used by JCMS to return the informations available after a call to the login procedure.

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