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Packages that use SignatureDiff3Entry Contains Jalios utility I/O classes (stream pumpers, MultiInputStream and miscellaneous utility static methods). 

Uses of SignatureDiff3Entry in

Methods in that return types with arguments of type SignatureDiff3Entry
static TreeSet<SignatureDiff3Entry> Signature.diff3(File baseFile, File sourceFile, File targetFile)
          Perform a diff between 3 signatures files
static TreeSet<SignatureDiff3Entry> Signature.diff3(Signature base, Signature source, Signature target)
          Perform a diff3 between 3 signatures

Method parameters in with type arguments of type SignatureDiff3Entry
static boolean Signature.diff3SetIsConflict(Set<SignatureDiff3Entry> diff3Set)
          Tests whether the given diff3Set contains at least one conflict.

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