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Packages that use ReplicaInfo
com.jalios.jstore.jsync Contains JSync core classes. 

Uses of ReplicaInfo in com.jalios.jstore.jsync

Methods in com.jalios.jstore.jsync that return ReplicaInfo
 ReplicaInfo JSyncReplica.getLeader()

Methods in com.jalios.jstore.jsync that return types with arguments of type ReplicaInfo
 Map<String,ReplicaInfo> JSyncReplica.getReplicaMap()

Methods in com.jalios.jstore.jsync with parameters of type ReplicaInfo
static void JSyncPreviousReplicaManager.addReplica(ReplicaInfo replica, Date joinDate)
 void JSyncPreviousReplicaManager.addReplicaUrl(ReplicaInfo replica, Date joinDate)
 void JSyncListener.handleDisjoin(ReplicaInfo ri)
          This method gets called when a DisjoinMessage has been successfully processed
 void JSyncListener.handleJoin(ReplicaInfo ri)
          This method gets called when a JoinMessage has been successfully processed
 void JSyncListener.handleUpdate(ReplicaInfo ri)
          This method gets called when an UpdateMessage has been successfully processed

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