Package com.jalios.jstore.jsync

Contains JSync core classes.


Interface Summary
JSyncConstants This interfaces contains public JSync constants
JSyncListener A JSync event gets fired whenever a JoinMessage, a Disjoin or an update message is processed.

Class Summary
AckMessage This class represents a JSync AckMessage.
DisjoinMessage This class represents a JSync JoinMessage.
FileEntry This class contains information on the file to be downloaded
FileFetcher This class spawns a thread to download a set of file
JoinMessage This class represents a JSync JoinMessage.
JSyncLogger This class writes logs JSyncReplica actions such as join, disjoin, update, etc.
JSyncPreviousReplicaManager The aim of this class is to compute the list of url of replica previously connected to this leader.
JSyncReplica This class provides supports to manage a replica, manages JSyncListener, send and process the JSyncMessage.
JSyncUtil This class provides utility methods
Message This abstract class is the super class of all JSync message classes
ReplicaInfo This class contains info about a replica
SuggestJoinMessage This class represents a JSync JoinMessage.
UpdateMessage This class represents a JSync UpdateMessage.

Package com.jalios.jstore.jsync Description

Contains JSync core classes. JSync is the protocole used to maintain consistency between a set of replicated JStore.

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