Uses of Interface

Packages that use DataController
com.jalios.jcms Contains the core JCMS classes. 

Uses of DataController in com.jalios.jcms

Classes in com.jalios.jcms that implement DataController
 class BasicDataController
          This class is a neutral implementation of DataController.

Fields in com.jalios.jcms with type parameters of type DataController
protected  HashMap<Class<?>,Set<DataController>> Channel.dataControllerMap

Methods in com.jalios.jcms that return types with arguments of type DataController
 Map<Class<?>,Set<DataController>> Channel.getDataControllerMap()
          Returns the internal map class/DataController.
 Set<DataController> Channel.getDataControllerSet(Class<?> clazz)

Methods in com.jalios.jcms with parameters of type DataController
 void Channel.addDataController(DataController dc, Class<?> clazz)
          Add the given DataController
 void Channel.removeDataController(DataController dc, Class<?> clazz)
          Remove the given DataController

Uses of DataController in com.jalios.jcms.upload

Classes in com.jalios.jcms.upload that implement DataController
 class UnzipDataController
          Monitors FileDocument zip file upload and create FileDocument from them.

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