Package com.jalios.jcms.upload

Interface Summary

Class Summary
DocUploadHandler This form handler processes document upload.
DocUploadInfo A convenient wrapper of uploaded files that have been decoded by MultiPartFilter.
MultipartFilter Filter for automatic file upload processing. it wrapper HttpServletRequest to pass any form parameters in usuall form (normally they are not accessible cause JSDK web container are not required to implement RFC1867).
MultipartRequest HttpServletRequest Wrapper decoding multipart request and displaying MULTIPART_UPLOAD instead in file fields.
ProgressMonitorFileItem This class extends DiskFileItem to notify ProgressObserver of download status.
ProgressMonitorFileItemFactory A factory used to create ProgressMonitorFileItem wrapping a DiskFileItem with progess information stored in HttpSession
UnzipDataController Monitors FileDocument zip file upload and create FileDocument from them.
UnzipRightPolicyFilter Monitors FileDocument upload and unzip them if requested.

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