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Packages that use DataController
com.jalios.jcms Contains the core JCMS classes. 
com.jalios.jcmsplugin.jstoreforum Contains all the abstract classes and some listener used by forum in JCMS. 

Uses of DataController in com.jalios.jcms

Classes in com.jalios.jcms that implement DataController
 class BasicDataController
          This class is a neutral implementation of DataController.

Fields in com.jalios.jcms with type parameters of type DataController
protected  HashMap<Class<?>,Set<DataController>> Channel.dataControllerMap

Methods in com.jalios.jcms that return types with arguments of type DataController
 Map<Class<?>,Set<DataController>> Channel.getDataControllerMap()
          Returns the internal map class/DataController.
 Set<DataController> Channel.getDataControllerSet(Class<?> clazz)

Methods in com.jalios.jcms with parameters of type DataController
 void Channel.addDataController(DataController dc, Class<?> clazz)
          Add the given DataController
 void Channel.removeDataController(DataController dc, Class<?> clazz)
          Remove the given DataController

Uses of DataController in com.jalios.jcms.upload

Classes in com.jalios.jcms.upload that implement DataController
 class UnzipDataController
          Monitors FileDocument zip file upload and create FileDocument from them.

Uses of DataController in com.jalios.jcmsplugin.bookmarks

Classes in com.jalios.jcmsplugin.bookmarks that implement DataController
 class BookmarkDataController

Uses of DataController in com.jalios.jcmsplugin.collaborativespace

Classes in com.jalios.jcmsplugin.collaborativespace that implement DataController
 class CSRequestController
          This class define
 class CSSlaveDataController
          This class slave Workspace Title with CollaborativeSpace Title with Root Category title.
 class CSWorkspaceController
          This class define check there is 1 CollaborativeSpace for 1 Workspace

Uses of DataController in com.jalios.jcmsplugin.dbcomment

Classes in com.jalios.jcmsplugin.dbcomment that implement DataController
 class DBCommentController

Uses of DataController in com.jalios.jcmsplugin.dbpoll

Classes in com.jalios.jcmsplugin.dbpoll that implement DataController
 class PollController
          Poll's DataController
 class PollVoteController

Uses of DataController in com.jalios.jcmsplugin.jstoreforum

Classes in com.jalios.jcmsplugin.jstoreforum that implement DataController
 class ForumMemberController

Uses of DataController in com.jalios.jcmsplugin.od

Classes in com.jalios.jcmsplugin.od that implement DataController
 class ODDataController

Uses of DataController in com.jalios.jcmsplugin.toppublications

Classes in com.jalios.jcmsplugin.toppublications that implement DataController
 class TrackerDataController

Uses of DataController in com.jalios.jcmsplugin.virtualdesktop

Classes in com.jalios.jcmsplugin.virtualdesktop that implement DataController
 class DesktopDataController
          Controls Portlet writes to intercept portlet edition made from the VirtualDesktop and save it for the specified service of the current member instead of saving it.

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Classes in that implement DataController
 class WikiPageController

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