Package com.jalios.jcmsplugin.virtualdesktop

Interface Summary
DesktopPolicyFilter Interface to be implemented to provide a custom policy for some behavior of the virtual desktop

Class Summary
Column Column of a virtual desktop.
DesktopDataController Controls Portlet writes to intercept portlet edition made from the VirtualDesktop and save it for the specified service of the current member instead of saving it.
DesktopHandler DesktopHandler is a JavaBean which retrieves and updates a Desktop instance.
DesktopManager Singleton class used to manage all virtual desktop properties an such.
DesktopPortalPolicyFilter PortalPolicyFilter used to override portlets' fields values with services' fields values during service/portlet display.
DesktopTemplatePolicyFilter TemplatePolicyFilter used to define default edit inline template for services.
DesktopUtil Static Util class for Desktop related task.
Service Service of a virtual desktop.
Tab Tab of a virtual desktop.

Enum Summary
DesktopHandler.Action Actions performed by this handler

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