Class ParentReadRightPolicyFilter

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    PluginComponent, PolicyFilter, RightPolicyFilter, java.lang.Comparable

    public class ParentReadRightPolicyFilter
    extends BasicRightPolicyFilter
    RightPolicyFilter enforcing read right of a publication with the same right applied on its parent. Read right are only restrictive : if read access is forbidden on publication being checked, the parent read right is not verified and read access is directly refused.
    jcms-10.0.2 / JCMS-7181
    • Constructor Detail

      • ParentReadRightPolicyFilter

        public ParentReadRightPolicyFilter()
        Builds a new instance to control read access of ALL Publication types.
      • ParentReadRightPolicyFilter

        public ParentReadRightPolicyFilter​(java.lang.Class<? extends Publication> controlledClazz)
        Builds a new instance to control read access for the specified type and subtype.
        controlledClazz - the type of publication for which control must be performed (e.g FaqEntry.class, GlossaryEntry.class, ...), controlled is performe for all publications if null is specifed