Class FileProcessingInfo

    • Constructor Detail

      • FileProcessingInfo

        public FileProcessingInfo()
    • Method Detail

      • getUrid

        public java.lang.String getUrid()
        Description copied from class: BasicStorable
        Returns the URID where this Storable has been created (ie return the urid of this id). Return an empty String, if id is null
        getUrid in class BasicStorable
        the URID where this Storable has been created
      • setUrid

        public void setUrid​(java.lang.String urid)
      • getRepository

        public java.lang.String getRepository()
      • setRepository

        public void setRepository​(java.lang.String repository)
      • getDuration

        public long getDuration()
      • setDuration

        public void setDuration​(long duration)
      • getFilename

        public java.lang.String getFilename()
      • setFilename

        public void setFilename​(java.lang.String filename)
      • getFileExtension

        public java.lang.String getFileExtension()
      • setFileExtension

        public void setFileExtension​(java.lang.String extension)
      • getComponents

        public java.lang.String getComponents()
      • setComponents

        public void setComponents​(java.lang.String component)
      • getComponentList

        public java.util.List<java.lang.String> getComponentList()
      • setComponentList

        public void setComponentList​(java.util.List<java.lang.String> componentList)
      • setProcessingStatus

        public void setProcessingStatus​(ProcessingStatus status)
      • getProcessingStatus

        public int getProcessingStatus()
      • setProcessingStatus

        public void setProcessingStatus​(int status)
      • setIndexingStatus

        public void setIndexingStatus​(ProcessingStatus status)
      • getIndexingStatus

        public int getIndexingStatus()
      • setIndexingStatus

        public void setIndexingStatus​(int status)
      • setUdate

        public void setUdate​(java.util.Date udate)
        Set the date of last major update.
        udate - the date
      • getUdate

        public java.util.Date getUdate()
        Returns the date of last major update.
        the date of last major update.
      • logTrace

        public void logTrace()
        Add trace level loggin with all details regarding this FileProcessingInfo.