Class PstatusAlarmListener

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    public class PstatusAlarmListener
    extends TransactionalAlarmListener
    This class is the AlarmListener used to change pstatus scheduled with pdate, edate and adate.
    $Revision: 132126 $
    Olivier Dedieu, Olivier Jaquemet
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        public PstatusAlarmListener​(Publication pub,
                                    int comparisonOperator,
                                    int srcPstatus,
                                    int tgtPstatus)
        Constructs a new PstatusAlarmListener
        pub - the publication to managed
        srcPstatus - the pstatus the publication will be compared to, in order to be updated
        comparisonOperator - define how the comparison between the publication's pstatus and the srcPstatus and will take place in order to allow or not the pstatus change LOWER (-2) : publication pstatus must be lower than srcPstatus LOWER_EQUAL (-1) : publication pstatus must be lower or equal than srcPstatus EQUALS ( 0) : publication pstatus must equal srcPstatus, this is the default value GREATER_EQUAL ( 1) : publication pstatus must be greater or equal than srcPstatus GREATER ( 2) : publication pstatus must be greater than srcPstatus
        tgtPstatus - the new pstatus the publication will get when the alarm will be reached.
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        public java.lang.String toString()
        readable PstatusAlarmListener toString
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