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JMobile - Privacy policy

This page describes the privacy policy for the android mobile application JMobile

Data collected

The data we collect is used to ensure the smooth operation of the application for all users.

Device or other ID

  • Language used.
    Device ID
    Operating system 

The above information is required to send notifications from the server to the mobile application.

Shared data

No shared data.

Requested permissions

The following permissions are requested from the user when using certain features:

  • Notification : receive notifications on Android phones
  • Camera : choose a photo from the Gallery application or take a photo with the "Camera" application
  • Storage : download a document to the phone.
  • Contact : create a new contact from the mobile application

Permission requirements

The application's functionalities require certain permissions to be accepted when the application is installed

  • Badge
  • Network access
  • Read and write access to application permission

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