Package com.jalios.jcms.workspace

Contains classes about workspace features.


Class Summary
AbstractEditWorkspaceHandler This form handler process Group forms.
EditWorkspaceCommonHandler This form handler process Workspace forms.
EditWorkspaceHandler This form handler process Group forms.
EditWorkspaceRoleHandler This form handler process Group forms.
EditWorkspaceTypeHandler This form handler process Group forms.
EditWSTypeEntryHandler This class handle create/update/delete form action on WSTypeEntry
FileAnalyzerThread Analyze workspace (or site) files to compute file quota
HierarchicalWorkspacesManager Provides resources for Hierarchical Workspaces Plugin : - LRU cache of last visited Workspaces for a member - cache of plugin properties
PortletWorkflowTreeHelper This class gives a tree representation of WS with tasks in there.
TreeHelper Convenient class to construct complex UI tree of workspaces and groups.
TreeHelper.WSTreeMemo When displaying a WSTree, a WSTreeMemo object is created and placed as AjaxRequestAttribute with the key AJAXATTRIBUTEKEY_WSTREEMEMO.
WizardContext This class is a convenient structure to handle all data used during a deep duplicate made by a Wizard.
Workspace This class represents a Workspace
Workspace.CollaborativeSpaceSelector Select workspace that are Collaborative Spaces.
Workspace.GroupSizeComparator<T extends Workspace>  
Workspace.MemberSizeComparator<T extends Workspace>  
Workspace.ModelWorkspaceSelector Select model workspaces.
Workspace.NameComparator<T extends Workspace>  
Workspace.OpenWorkspaceSelector Select open workspaces.
Workspace.OrderComparator<T extends Workspace>  
Workspace.TextSelector Select a set of workspace matching the given text in the Title.
Workspace.TitleSelector Select a set of workspace by their name.
WorkspaceListener This class represent a Listener for Workspace Objects
WorkspaceWizardContext This class describe all objects used during a Workspace Wizard deep copy
WorkspaceWizardHandler This form handler process Group forms.
WSTypeEntry This class is a wrapper on TypeEntry handling type properties for each workspace.
WSTypeEntryListener This class is a StoreListener used to set a workspace for a given WSTypeEntry.

Package com.jalios.jcms.workspace Description

Contains classes about workspace features. (Handler, Role, Wizard, ...)

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