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com.jalios.jcms.stat Provides classes for statistics management and analysis. 

Uses of StatReport in com.jalios.jcms.policy

Methods in com.jalios.jcms.policy with parameters of type StatReport
 void PolicyManager.checkGeneratedReports(Map<String,String> jspMap, StatReport report, Member member)
 void StatPolicyFilter.checkGeneratedReports(Map jspMap, StatReport report, Member member)
          This method is a Hook for method StaManager.render().
 void BasicStatPolicyFilter.checkGeneratedReports(Map jspMap, StatReport report, Member member)

Uses of StatReport in com.jalios.jcms.stat

Fields in com.jalios.jcms.stat declared as StatReport
protected  StatReport
protected  StatReport

Methods in com.jalios.jcms.stat with parameters of type StatReport
protected  void StatReportListener.addAlarm(StatReport report, Date now)
static StatHandler StatManager.analyse(StatReport report, Member loggedMember, boolean join)
          Analyse a report of stats from now - report.periodicity
static StatHandler StatManager.analyse(StatReport report, Member loggedMember, boolean join, long oldDate, long nowDate)
          Analyse a report of stats from olddate to nowdate
static void StatManager.analyseAndRender(StatReport report, Member loggedMember)
          Analyse and Render a report of stats
static void StatManager.analyseAndRender(StatReport report, Member loggedMember, long oldDate, long nowDate)
          Analyse and Render a report of stats
static boolean StatManager.canAnalyze(StatReport report, Member member)
          Check if analyse can be done on this report.
static boolean StatManager.canAnalyze(StatReport report, Member member, StatHandler statHandler)
          Check if analyse can be done on this report.
static Set StatManager.getAllReport(Workspace workspace, StatReport report)
          Return all the Files representing a given report for a given workspace
static StatAnalyser StatManager.getStatAnalyser(StatReport report, boolean remove)
          Return and remove the StatAnalyser of the given Report
static Set StatManager.getWorkspaceSet(StatReport report)
          Get all the workspace to use for this report.
static boolean StatManager.isGlobalReport(StatReport report)
          Indicate if the Report is a Channel Report or a Workspace Report Look for channel properties definition.
static void StatManager.lockAnalyse(boolean lock, StatReport report, StatAnalyser analyser)
          Lock the analyse for a given report.
protected  void StatReportListener.removeAlarm(StatReport report)
static void StatManager.render(StatHandler statHandler, StatReport report, Member member)
          Render the statsReport.jsp to an HTMLFile

Constructors in com.jalios.jcms.stat with parameters of type StatReport
StatAlarmListener(Member loggedMember, StatReport report)
StatAnalyser(long oldDate, long nowDate, StatReport report, Member loggedMember, boolean render)

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