Uses of Interface

Packages that use JcmsMessageSelector
com.jalios.jcms.context Provides context classes available in every request, you can extends them or use them as javabean. 

Uses of JcmsMessageSelector in com.jalios.jcms.context

Classes in com.jalios.jcms.context that implement JcmsMessageSelector
 class LevelSelector
          select a JcmsMessage by it level

Methods in com.jalios.jcms.context with parameters of type JcmsMessageSelector
static List<JcmsMessage> JcmsContext.applySelector(List<JcmsMessage> msgList, JcmsMessageSelector selector)
          Apply given JcmsMessageSelector by removing non selected JcmsMessage from the given List.
static List<JcmsMessage><? extends JcmsMessage> dataColl, JcmsMessageSelector selector)
          Perform a selection on a Collection of JcmsMessage using the given JcmsMessageSelector

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