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Uses of MemberCtxMenu in com.jalios.jcms.policy

Methods in com.jalios.jcms.policy with parameters of type MemberCtxMenu
 char[] PolicyManager.checkCtxMenuItems(MemberCtxMenu ctxMenu, Member mbr, char[] letters)
 char[] CtxMenuPolicyFilter.checkCtxMenuItems(MemberCtxMenu ctxMenu, Member mbr, char[] letters)
          Checks the processed contextual menu
 char[] BasicCtxMenuPolicyFilter.checkCtxMenuItems(MemberCtxMenu ctxMenu, Member mbr, char[] letters)
 void PolicyManager.handleCtxMenuItems(StringBuffer sb, MemberCtxMenu ctxMenu, Member mbr)
 void CtxMenuPolicyFilter.handleCtxMenuItems(StringBuffer sb, MemberCtxMenu ctxMenu, Member mbr)
          Handle the current StringBuffer to append custom content for the given Member
 void BasicCtxMenuPolicyFilter.handleCtxMenuItems(StringBuffer sb, MemberCtxMenu ctxMenu, Member mbr)
 int PolicyManager.handleCtxMenuItems(StringBuffer sb, MemberCtxMenu ctxMenu, Member mbr, char letter)
 int CtxMenuPolicyFilter.handleCtxMenuItems(StringBuffer sb, MemberCtxMenu ctxMenu, Member mbr, char letter, int status)
          Handle the current StringBuffer to append custom content for the given Member and given Letter
 int BasicCtxMenuPolicyFilter.handleCtxMenuItems(StringBuffer sb, MemberCtxMenu ctxMenu, Member mbr, char letter, int status)
 void PolicyManager.initCtxMenu(MemberCtxMenu ctxMenu, JcmsJspContext jcmsContext)
 void CtxMenuPolicyFilter.initCtxMenu(MemberCtxMenu ctxMenu, JcmsJspContext jcmsContext)
          Initialize the contextual menu.
This method is called when the Context Menu object class is created.
 void BasicCtxMenuPolicyFilter.initCtxMenu(MemberCtxMenu ctxMenu, JcmsJspContext jcmsContext)

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