Interface Summary
Authentication Interface implemented by the REST Client authentication (as Basic, JCMS, Strong, ...)
JcmsRestConstants Rest Constants used both server and client side.

Class Summary
ClientSession Represents a HTTP client session for calling JCMS through its REST Open API.
ClientUtil Utility functions (static public methods) used in Rest Clients.
DataElement JCMS OpenAPI provides many times JCMS data in XML as exported with the JCMS import/export form.
JcmsApp Represents one remote JCMS site on wich an HTTP client session is connected through the REST Open API.
JcmsResource Represents the result of a call to a resource, through REST, and a GET method.
Relateds The relateds are specific fields in data not corresponding to persisted attributes, but possibly get from getters.
RestletUtil Utility functions (static public methods) used to support Restlet framework.
RestQuery An instance of this class represents a HTTP query in the context of a rest query.
StoredCookie Encapsulation of a Restlet Cookie in a Rest Client Session.

Exception Summary

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