Package com.jalios.jcms.taglib

Provides many of the classes used for JCMS jsp tags.


Class Summary
ArchiveTag This tag prints a small archive icon for a given Publication.
CacheTag This tag puts the content of its body in cache.
CaddyTag This tag prints the caddy icon for the given Publication, Data or query.
CategoriesTag This tag visits a branch of the Category tree.
CheckIntegrityTag This tag prints a warn icon if the given data does not respect its integrity constraints.
DataChooserTag This tag generates the form widget to select a data (Publication or Member)
DateChooserTag This tag generates the form widget to select a date
DeleteTag This tag prints a small delete icons beside a given Data object to delete it
DurationChooserTag This tag generates the form widget to select a duration (value / unit)
EditTag This tag prints a small edit icons beside a given Publication object (to update it) or Publication class (to add a new instance).
FileIconTag This tag prints the icon of the given FileDocument
FileSizeTag This tag prints the formatted size of a file.
FileWebdavTag This tag prints icons for webfolders: - Download a File - Edit with WebDav a File - Open a WebFolder
FormWidgetTag This abstract class is the mother class of all HTML form widget tag.
ImportIconTag This tag prints the icon status for imported data.
JavaScriptTag Allows javascript code to be captured and added at proper place.
LangTag This tag prints the flag bound to the given language or bound to userLang.
LinkTag Output an href link using the given parameters.
LockTag This tag prints a lock icon if the given data is locked.
MediaTag Print the HTML required to provide a media player for any file.
PagerTag This tag prints a pager for
PdfTag This tag displays a PDF icon to access the PDF version (if it exists) of the given file.
PubIconTag This tag prints the icon bound to a given Publication class.
QueryTag This tag performs a query on the Publication set.
RatingTag This tag prints the rating of a Publication object.
SQLQueryTag This tag performs a SQL query and provides the result set as a SQLQueryResult
ThumbnailTag This tags add possibily to create and display a thumbnail of an image.
TooltipTag This tag prints a small tooltip icons that displays inline or ajax content
TopMemberTag This tag iterates over the Member which have publish the most.
TreeCatTag This class display a Category Tree using <UL> <LI> tags.
UrlTag Output an url using the given parameters.
WebHelpTag This tag prints the webhelp icon
WikiTag This tag formats its body with wiki formatting rules.
WorkspaceTag This tag prints the flags bound to the categories of a given Publication.
WysiwygTag This tag wysiwyg generated code.

Package com.jalios.jcms.taglib Description

Provides many of the classes used for JCMS jsp tags. com.jalios.jtaglib provides the rest of the tag classes.

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