Interface Summary
RestConstants Rest Constants used both server and client side.

Class Summary
DataCollectionRestResource The classes extending this one are representing a list of JCMS data resource.
DataRestResource The classes extending this one are representing a JCMS data resource.
HttpServletRequestRestWrapper This HttpServletWrapper uses parameters only in queryString, not in entity body.
HttpServletResponseForwardableWrapper The aim of this implementation of HttpServletResponseWrapper is to allow making a forward in a Restlet Resource and that the Restlet framework makes no further operation (like a flush or setting an error code) on the response.
JcmsRestResource Generic Abstract Restlet Resource for all JCMS OpenAPI resource.
JcmsRestStatusService Implementation of StatusServices uses in JCMS Rest OpenAPI.
PagerData This object contains the business logic that takes parameters in j2eeRequest and create the pagerHandler associated.
RestletApplication This implementation of a Restlet Application is the initialisation of the Restlet engine.
RestManager Hold JCMS configuration of OpenAPI.
RestUtil Provides utility static methods for both client and server side in REST communication.

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