Package com.jalios.jcms.db

Interface Summary
DBConstants This interface contains a set of constants related to the database/hibernate access.
DBData This tagging interface must be implemented by object persisted by JCMS in the database.
DBListener A DBListener event gets fired whenever a DBData is created, updated or deleted.

Class Summary
BasicDBListener This class is an default implementation of DBListener.
BasicDBListenerStoreListener This class is a default implementation of StoreListener and DBListener.
CollectionMappingInfo This class contains mapping information about collection of values attached to a persisted class.
DBEventLog This class represents a DBEventLog (i.e. an Hibernate write event stored in the DB).
DBEventLogManager This class replays the hibernate events on all the other replicas.
DerbyManager This class manages the internal Derby server.
HibernateManager This class is a singleton to manage Hibernate access.
HibernateSessionFilter This filter wraps an Hibernate transaction around this request.
HibernateUtil Helper class providing static methods to perform common database operation using hibertnate
Jcms5DataLoader This class loads some data from JCMS 5 to JCMS 6.
Jcms5DataLoadReport This class contains information about the data load.
JcmsHibernateEventListener This class is a singleton that dispatches Hibernate events to JCMS DBListeners
JcmsHibernateNamingStrategy This class defines the JCMS Hibernate Naming Strategy for tables and column names.
PageResult<E> This class contains the result of a paged query (i.e. the sliced result list and total size of the query).
PublicationCriteria This class contains criteria for a DB publication query.
TransactionalAlarmListener Abstract class to use for Alarms that may perform Hibernate read or write access.

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