Uses of Class

Packages that use JcmsJspContext
com.jalios.jcms Contains the core JCMS classes. 
com.jalios.jcms.archive Contains the classes used to deal with archives management in JCMS. 
com.jalios.jcms.caddy Provides classes to manage and process operation on Caddy items in JCMS. 
com.jalios.jcms.calendar Contains the classes used to deal with calendar in JCMS. 
com.jalios.jcms.context Provides context classes available in every request, you can extends them or use them as javabean. 
com.jalios.jcms.handler Contains the javabean classes uses to process HTTP request (aka form handlers). 
com.jalios.jcms.mashup Contains all the classes to provide the Media Browser. 
com.jalios.jcms.portlet Contains core Portlets parent of all generated portlets. Provides internal search engines classes of JCMS. 
com.jalios.jcms.taglib Provides many of the classes used for JCMS jsp tags. 
com.jalios.jcms.test This package contains various tools used for/by JCMS. 
com.jalios.jcms.widget Contains widget classes that generate html component especially for Forms Input. 
com.jalios.jcms.workspace Contains classes about workspace features. 

Uses of JcmsJspContext in com.jalios.jcms

Methods in com.jalios.jcms with parameters of type JcmsJspContext
 Object Data.getFieldValue(JcmsJspContext ctxt, String fieldName)
          Gets the value of the given Object field name for this Data.
 int Data.getIntFieldValue(JcmsJspContext ctxt, String fieldName)
          Gets the integer value of the specified field name for this Data.
 String Publication.getTemplatePath(JcmsJspContext ctxt)
          Returns the template path for the current context
static void Group.printTreeGroup(Workspace ws, String paramName, javax.servlet.jsp.JspWriter out, String userLang, JcmsJspContext context)
          Print a navigation tree for group splitted by workspaces (except if a workspace is provided).

Uses of JcmsJspContext in com.jalios.jcms.accessibility

Subclasses of JcmsJspContext in com.jalios.jcms.accessibility
 class SwitchAccessibilityContextHandler

Uses of JcmsJspContext in com.jalios.jcms.ajax

Methods in com.jalios.jcms.ajax with parameters of type JcmsJspContext
 void AjaxManager.registerContext(JcmsJspContext ctxt)
          Register a JcmsJspAjaxContext for the given JcmsJspContext in the session.
 void PublicationCtxMenu.setCategoryParam(JcmsJspContext ctxt, String cidsParam)
 void JcmsJspAjaxContext.setJcmsContext(JcmsJspContext jcmsContext)

Constructors in com.jalios.jcms.ajax with parameters of type JcmsJspContext
AbstractCtxMenu(JcmsJspContext ctxt)
CategoryCtxMenu(JcmsJspContext ctxt)
JcmsJspAjaxContext(JcmsJspContext ctxt)
MemberCtxMenu(JcmsJspContext ctxt)
PortletCtxMenu(JcmsJspContext ctxt)
PublicationCtxMenu(JcmsJspContext ctxt)
WidgetCtxMenu(JcmsJspContext ctxt)

Uses of JcmsJspContext in com.jalios.jcms.archive

Subclasses of JcmsJspContext in com.jalios.jcms.archive
 class ArchiveBrowserHandler
          This form handler process Archive Browser actions.
 class ArchiveQueryHandler
          Holder class and form handler of all parameters to be used for a query of archive.

Uses of JcmsJspContext in com.jalios.jcms.caddy

Subclasses of JcmsJspContext in com.jalios.jcms.caddy
 class AbstractCaddyManagerHandler
          This form handler is the super class of the formhandler class to process Caddy Manager actions.
 class CaddyPopinHandler
          This handler is used to add or remove content to the caddy.
 class CategoryCaddyManagerHandler
 class DBMemberCaddyManagerHandler
 class GroupCaddyManagerHandler
 class MemberCaddyManagerHandler
 class PublicationCaddyManagerHandler
          This form handler process Publication Caddy Manager actions.
 class WorkspaceCaddyManagerHandler

Uses of JcmsJspContext in com.jalios.jcms.calendar

Subclasses of JcmsJspContext in com.jalios.jcms.calendar
 class PortletCalendarHandler

Uses of JcmsJspContext in com.jalios.jcms.context

Methods in com.jalios.jcms.context with parameters of type JcmsJspContext
 void AbstractJcmsAjaxContext.setJcmsContext(JcmsJspContext jcmsContext)
          Sets the following values from values found in the specified JcmsJspContext.

Constructors in com.jalios.jcms.context with parameters of type JcmsJspContext
AbstractJcmsAjaxContext(JcmsJspContext ctxt)
          Build a new JcmsAjaxContext based on information available in the JcmsJspContext.

Uses of JcmsJspContext in com.jalios.jcms.db

Subclasses of JcmsJspContext in com.jalios.jcms.db
 class LoadJcms5DataHandler

Uses of JcmsJspContext in com.jalios.jcms.handler

Subclasses of JcmsJspContext in com.jalios.jcms.handler
 class AbstractQueryHandler<E>
          Superclass of query handlers.
 class AllMemberQueryHandler
          Holder class and form handler of all parameters to be used for a query of DBMembers.
 class AuthKeyGeneratorHandler
          This form handler generate Authentication Keys.
 class CacheManagerHandler
          This form handler process Cache Manager actions.
 class DBMemberQueryHandler
          Holder class and form handler of all parameters to be used for a query of DBMembers.
 class DeployManagerDownloadHandler
 class DeployManagerUpgradeHandler
 class DeployManagerUpgradeUploadHandler
          Check and deploy an uploaded webapp to the right webapp location.
 class EditCatHandler
          This form handler processes editCat.jsp forms.
 class EditDataHandler
          This class is the super class of all FormHandler which manage stored data.
 class EditExtraDataHandler
          This form handler processes Data's Extra Data forms.
 class EditFileDocumentHandler
 class EditFormHandler
          This form handler processes Form forms.
 class EditGroupHandler
          This form handler process Group forms.
 class EditMemberHandler
          This form handler processes Member forms.
 class EditNotificationHandler
 class EditPublicationHandler
          This form handler processes Publication forms.
 class EditTypeExtensionHandler
          This form handler processes DataExtension forms.
 class FileHandler
 class FriendlyURLsHandler
 class GroupQueryHandler
          Holder class and form handler of all parameters to be used for a query of groups.
 class ImportCatListHandler
          Upload and parse a .txt file containing tree of categories to import in JCMS.
 class JcmsFormHandler
          This abstract class is the super class of all the Form Handler classes (i.e.
 class JSyncManagerHandler
          This form handler processes JSyncManager's form.
 class MailEditHandler
          This form handler processes doEditMail.jsp form.
 class MailPasswordHandler
          This form handler processes form contained in the mailPassword jsp.
 class MailPublicationHandler
          This form handler process mailPublication.jsp form.
 class MemberListHandler
          This form handler processes doMemberList.jsp form.
 class MemberQueryHandler
          Holder class and form handler of all parameters to be used for a query of members.
 class PropertiesHandler
 class PubBrowserHandler
 class QueryHandler
          Holder class and form handler of all parameters to be used for a query.
 class StoreCleanerHandler
 class SyncLdapHandler
          This form handler performs LDAP synchronization.
 class TypeEditorHandler
          This form handler processes the Type Editor form.
 class TypeListEditorHandler
          This form handler processes the Type List Editor forms.
 class UpgradeManagerHandler
 class WFEditorHandler
          This form handler processes wfEditor.jsp form.
 class WorkReportHandler
 class WorkspaceQueryHandler
          Holder class and form handler of all parameters to be used for a query of workspaces.
 class ZipFilesHandler

Uses of JcmsJspContext in com.jalios.jcms.mashup

Subclasses of JcmsJspContext in com.jalios.jcms.mashup
 class ImportConflictHandler
          This form handler processes importConflictList.jsp actions
 class ImportManagerHandler
          This form handler processes ImportManager's form.

Uses of JcmsJspContext in

Subclasses of JcmsJspContext in
 class MediaBrowserHandler
          This handler controls the MediaBrowser.

Uses of JcmsJspContext in com.jalios.jcms.plugin

Subclasses of JcmsJspContext in com.jalios.jcms.plugin
 class DisplayPluginHandler
          This class is used to handle modification on Plugins.
 class EditPluginHandler
          This class is used to handle modification on Plugins.

Uses of JcmsJspContext in com.jalios.jcms.policy

Methods in com.jalios.jcms.policy with parameters of type JcmsJspContext
 Object PortalPolicyFilter.getFieldValue(JcmsJspContext ctxt, String fieldName, Data data, Object computedValue)
          Returns an alternate value for the given field and given Data.
 Object PolicyManager.getFieldValue(JcmsJspContext ctxt, String fieldName, Data data, Object computedValue)
 Object BasicPortalPolicyFilter.getFieldValue(JcmsJspContext ctxt, String fieldName, Data data, Object computedValue)
 int PortalPolicyFilter.getIntFieldValue(JcmsJspContext ctxt, String fieldName, Data data, int computedValue)
          Returns an alternate value for the given int field and given Data.
 int PolicyManager.getIntFieldValue(JcmsJspContext ctxt, String fieldName, Data data, int computedValue)
 int BasicPortalPolicyFilter.getIntFieldValue(JcmsJspContext ctxt, String fieldName, Data data, int computedValue)
 void PolicyManager.initCtxMenu(CategoryCtxMenu ctxMenu, JcmsJspContext jcmsContext)
 void CtxMenuPolicyFilter.initCtxMenu(CategoryCtxMenu ctxMenu, JcmsJspContext jcmsContext)
          Initialize the contextual menu.
 void BasicCtxMenuPolicyFilter.initCtxMenu(CategoryCtxMenu ctxMenu, JcmsJspContext jcmsContext)
 void PolicyManager.initCtxMenu(MemberCtxMenu ctxMenu, JcmsJspContext jcmsContext)
 void CtxMenuPolicyFilter.initCtxMenu(MemberCtxMenu ctxMenu, JcmsJspContext jcmsContext)
          Initialize the contextual menu.
 void BasicCtxMenuPolicyFilter.initCtxMenu(MemberCtxMenu ctxMenu, JcmsJspContext jcmsContext)
 void PolicyManager.initCtxMenu(PublicationCtxMenu ctxMenu, JcmsJspContext jcmsContext)
 void CtxMenuPolicyFilter.initCtxMenu(PublicationCtxMenu ctxMenu, JcmsJspContext jcmsContext)
          Initialize the contextual menu.
 void BasicCtxMenuPolicyFilter.initCtxMenu(PublicationCtxMenu ctxMenu, JcmsJspContext jcmsContext)
 void PolicyManager.initHeaders(Map<String,String> header, String key, JcmsJspContext context)
 void PortalPolicyFilter.initHeaders(Map header, String key, JcmsJspContext context)
          Initialise header data to include in HTML headers in the Front and Back Office.
 void BasicPortalPolicyFilter.initHeaders(Map header, String key, JcmsJspContext context)
 void PortalPolicyFilter.initJavaScriptCodeSet(Set<String> jsCodeSet, JcmsJspContext context)
          Setup the javascript codes to be invoked on page load for current page.
 void PolicyManager.initJavaScriptCodeSet(Set<String> jsCodeSet, JcmsJspContext context)
 void BasicPortalPolicyFilter.initJavaScriptCodeSet(Set<String> jsCodeSet, JcmsJspContext context)
 void PortalPolicyFilter.initJavaScriptSet(Set<String> jsSet, JcmsJspContext context)
          Setup the javascript files to be included for current page.
 void PolicyManager.initJavaScriptSet(Set<String> jsSet, JcmsJspContext context)
 void BasicPortalPolicyFilter.initJavaScriptSet(Set<String> jsSet, JcmsJspContext context)
 boolean WysiwygPolicyFilter.loadWysiwygEditor(JcmsJspContext context, boolean load)
          This method is a hook called by JcmsJspContext to fill the JavaScript headers with the javascript files required to provide the WYSIWYG editor.
 boolean PolicyManager.loadWysiwygEditor(JcmsJspContext context, boolean load)
 boolean BasicWysiwygPolicyFilter.loadWysiwygEditor(JcmsJspContext context, boolean load)
 void PolicyManager.setupHeaders(Map<String,String> header, String key, JcmsJspContext context)
 void PortalPolicyFilter.setupHeaders(Map header, String key, JcmsJspContext context)
          Setup header data to include in HTML headers in the Front and Back Office.
 void BasicPortalPolicyFilter.setupHeaders(Map header, String key, JcmsJspContext context)

Uses of JcmsJspContext in com.jalios.jcms.portlet

Subclasses of JcmsJspContext in com.jalios.jcms.portlet
 class EditPortalElementHandler
 class EditPortalHandler
 class EditPortalRedirectHandler
 class EditPortletCollectionHandler
 class EditPortletHandler
 class EditPortletLogHandler
 class EditPortletParentHandler
 class EditPortletSkinableHandler

Methods in com.jalios.jcms.portlet with parameters of type JcmsJspContext
 String PortalElement.getPreview(JcmsJspContext ctxt, int width, int height, String defaultImagePath)
          Retrieve the preview image of this Portlet in the specified context and dimensions.
 String PortalElement.getSkinPath(JcmsJspContext ctxt)
          Returns the template skin path for the given usage
static void PortalManager.handleDisplayRequest(JcmsJspContext context, DisplayContext display, long startPageRequest)
          Called by display.jsp to set all request attributes from computed display context.

Uses of JcmsJspContext in

Subclasses of JcmsJspContext in
 class AdminSearchEnginesHandler
          This handler is used in the admin area to provide action on search engine.

Uses of JcmsJspContext in com.jalios.jcms.taglib

Fields in com.jalios.jcms.taglib declared as JcmsJspContext
protected  JcmsJspContext WorkspaceTag.jcmsContext
protected  JcmsJspContext LoginTag.jcmsContext
protected  JcmsJspContext FormWidgetTag.jcmsContext

Methods in com.jalios.jcms.taglib with parameters of type JcmsJspContext
protected  void EditTag.generateUpdateIcon(JcmsJspContext jcmsContext, String anchorParam, Data data, StringBuffer sb)
static String EditTag.getAddIcon(JcmsJspContext context, String queryString, Set<Class<?>> typeSet, String cids, boolean popup, String redirect, String param, String layerId)
protected  String EditTag.getAnchorParams(JcmsJspContext jcmsContext, Set<Category> categorySet)
static String EditTag.getEditIcon(JcmsJspContext context, String id, String redirect, String param, boolean popup, String fields)

Uses of JcmsJspContext in com.jalios.jcms.test

Methods in com.jalios.jcms.test that return JcmsJspContext
protected  JcmsJspContext JcmsTestCase.getMockJcmsJspContext()
          Retrieve a mock explorer JcmsJspContext.
protected  JcmsJspContext JcmsTestCase.getMockJcmsJspContext(javax.servlet.http.HttpServletRequest request)
          Retrieve a mock explorer JcmsJspContext based on the specified request

Uses of JcmsJspContext in

Subclasses of JcmsJspContext in
 class ProfilerHandler

Uses of JcmsJspContext in com.jalios.jcms.upload

Subclasses of JcmsJspContext in com.jalios.jcms.upload
 class DocUploadHandler
          This form handler processes document upload.

Uses of JcmsJspContext in com.jalios.jcms.widget

Fields in com.jalios.jcms.widget declared as JcmsJspContext
protected  JcmsJspContext AbstractWidget.context

Methods in com.jalios.jcms.widget that return JcmsJspContext
 JcmsJspContext AbstractWidget.getContext()

Methods in com.jalios.jcms.widget with parameters of type JcmsJspContext
static void WidgetUtil.addWysiwygJavaScripts(JcmsJspContext jcmsContext)
          Add the required JavaScript files to the current context
 void AbstractWidget.setContext(JcmsJspContext context)
 void TreeCat.setJcmsContext(JcmsJspContext jcmsContext)

Uses of JcmsJspContext in com.jalios.jcms.workspace

Subclasses of JcmsJspContext in com.jalios.jcms.workspace
 class AbstractEditWorkspaceHandler
          This form handler process Group forms.
 class EditWorkspaceCommonHandler
          This form handler process Workspace forms.
 class EditWorkspaceHandler
          This form handler process Group forms.
 class EditWorkspaceRoleHandler
          This form handler process Group forms.
 class EditWorkspaceTypeHandler
          This form handler process Group forms.
 class EditWSTypeEntryHandler
          This class handle create/update/delete form action on WSTypeEntry
 class WorkspaceWizardHandler
          This form handler process Group forms.

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