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com.jalios.jcms.archive Contains the classes used to deal with archives management in JCMS. 

Uses of ArchivedPublication in com.jalios.jcms.archive

Fields in com.jalios.jcms.archive with type parameters of type ArchivedPublication
protected  TreeSet<ArchivedPublication> ArchiveBrowserHandler.pubSet

Methods in com.jalios.jcms.archive that return ArchivedPublication
static ArchivedPublication ArchiveManager.getArchive(String rowId)
          Retrieves the Archive from its rowId.
static ArchivedPublication ArchiveManager.getArchivedPubFromArchivePath(String path)
          Retrieve the ArchivedPublication associated to the given path.
static ArchivedPublication ArchiveManager.getArchiveFromOriginalId(String originalId)
          Retrieves the Archive corresponding to the specified original Publication id.

Methods in com.jalios.jcms.archive that return types with arguments of type ArchivedPublication
static Set<ArchivedPublication> ArchiveManager.getArchiveSet(Member loggedMember, String[] rowIds)
          Retrieves all the Archive identified by the specified ids.
 PageResult<ArchivedPublication> ArchiveQueryHandler.getPageResult()
          Returns a new PageResult of archive for the current settings of this handler.

Methods in com.jalios.jcms.archive with parameters of type ArchivedPublication
 void LuceneArchiveEngine.deleteArchiveIndex(ArchivedPublication pub)
          Delete every information associated with the publication
 void ArchiveEngine.deleteArchiveIndex(ArchivedPublication pub)
          Delete every information associated with the publication
static String ArchiveManager.getArchiveDirectoryPath(Publication originalPub, ArchivedPublication archivePub)
          Returns the path of directory in which the Archived files are stored.
static String ArchiveManager.getArchiveSavedHtmlPath(ArchivedPublication pub, String userLang)
          Return the path (webapp relative, for jsp inclusion) of the file in which the original publication was saved
static String ArchiveManager.getArchiveSavedXmlPath(ArchivedPublication pub)
          Return the path (webapp relative) of the XML file in which the content of the original publication's data was saved
 void LuceneArchiveEngine.indexPublication(Publication pub, ArchivedPublication archive)
          Index a Publication
 void ArchiveEngine.indexPublication(Publication pub, ArchivedPublication archive)
          Index a Publication

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