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Packages that use Message
com.jalios.jstore.jsync Contains JSync core classes. 

Uses of Message in com.jalios.jstore.jsync

Subclasses of Message in com.jalios.jstore.jsync
 class AckMessage
          This class represents a JSync AckMessage.
 class DisjoinMessage
          This class represents a JSync JoinMessage.
 class JoinMessage
          This class represents a JSync JoinMessage.
 class SuggestJoinMessage
          This class represents a JSync JoinMessage.
 class UpdateMessage
          This class represents a JSync UpdateMessage.

Methods in com.jalios.jstore.jsync that return Message
static Message Message.parse(String xml)
          Parse the given XML strings and builds the corresponding JSync message
static Message JSyncUtil.readMessage(InputStream in)
          Read and parse a Message
static Message JSyncUtil.readMessage(String responseBody)
          Read and parse a Message

Methods in com.jalios.jstore.jsync with parameters of type Message
 boolean JSyncReplica.processMessage(OutputStream out, Message msg)
          Dispatches on the right method to process the given message
static AckMessage JSyncUtil.sendMessage(String url, Message msg)
          Send a message
static void JSyncUtil.writeMessage(OutputStream out, Message msg)
          Write a Message

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