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Packages that use AlarmManager
com.jalios.jcms Contains the core JCMS classes. Provides internal search engines classes of JCMS. 
com.jalios.jdring Contains JDring classes. 

Uses of AlarmManager in com.jalios.jcms

Fields in com.jalios.jcms declared as AlarmManager
protected  AlarmManager NotificationManager.alarmMgr

Fields in com.jalios.jcms with type parameters of type AlarmManager
protected  Map<String,AlarmManager> Channel.alarmManagerMap

Methods in com.jalios.jcms that return AlarmManager
 AlarmManager Channel.getAlarmManager(String name)
          Returns the AlarmManager associated to the given name.
 AlarmManager Channel.getCommonAlarmManager()
          Returns the common AlarmManager.

Uses of AlarmManager in

Fields in declared as AlarmManager
protected  AlarmManager LuceneDataSearchEngine.alarmMgr

Uses of AlarmManager in com.jalios.jcms.test

Methods in com.jalios.jcms.test with parameters of type AlarmManager
protected  void JcmsTestCase.waitForAlarm(long time, AlarmManager alarmMgr, boolean reallyWaitFor, String logPrefix)

Uses of AlarmManager in com.jalios.jdring

Fields in com.jalios.jdring declared as AlarmManager
protected  AlarmManager AlarmWaiter.mgr

Constructors in com.jalios.jdring with parameters of type AlarmManager
AlarmWaiter(AlarmManager mgr, boolean isDaemon, String waiterName)
          Creates a new AlarmWaiter.

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