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Packages that use EditDataHandler
com.jalios.jcms.handler Contains the javabean classes uses to process HTTP request (aka form handlers). 
com.jalios.jcms.portlet Contains core Portlets parent of all generated portlets. 
com.jalios.jcms.workspace Contains classes about workspace features. 
com.jalios.jcmsplugin.jstoreforum Contains all the abstract classes and some listener used by forum in JCMS.   

Uses of EditDataHandler in com.jalios.jcms.handler

Subclasses of EditDataHandler in com.jalios.jcms.handler
 class EditCatHandler
          This form handler processes editCat.jsp forms.
 class EditExtraDataHandler
          This form handler processes Data's Extra Data forms.
 class EditFileDocumentHandler
 class EditFormHandler
          This form handler processes Form forms.
 class EditGroupHandler
          This form handler process Group forms.
 class EditMemberHandler
          This form handler processes Member forms.
 class EditNotificationHandler
 class EditPublicationHandler
          This form handler processes Publication forms.
 class EditTypeExtensionHandler
          This form handler processes DataExtension forms.

Uses of EditDataHandler in com.jalios.jcms.portlet

Subclasses of EditDataHandler in com.jalios.jcms.portlet
 class EditPortalElementHandler
 class EditPortalHandler
 class EditPortalRedirectHandler
 class EditPortletCollectionHandler
 class EditPortletHandler
 class EditPortletLogHandler
 class EditPortletParentHandler
 class EditPortletSkinableHandler

Uses of EditDataHandler in com.jalios.jcms.workspace

Subclasses of EditDataHandler in com.jalios.jcms.workspace
 class AbstractEditWorkspaceHandler
          This form handler process Group forms.
 class EditWorkspaceCommonHandler
          This form handler process Workspace forms.
 class EditWorkspaceHandler
          This form handler process Group forms.
 class EditWorkspaceRoleHandler
          This form handler process Group forms.
 class EditWorkspaceTypeHandler
          This form handler process Group forms.
 class EditWSTypeEntryHandler
          This class handle create/update/delete form action on WSTypeEntry

Uses of EditDataHandler in com.jalios.jcmsplugin.dbforum

Subclasses of EditDataHandler in com.jalios.jcmsplugin.dbforum
 class EditAbstractDBForumPostHandler
 class EditAbstractDBForumTopicHandler

Uses of EditDataHandler in com.jalios.jcmsplugin.dbpoll

Subclasses of EditDataHandler in com.jalios.jcmsplugin.dbpoll
 class PollVoteHandler

Uses of EditDataHandler in com.jalios.jcmsplugin.explorer.portlet

Subclasses of EditDataHandler in com.jalios.jcmsplugin.explorer.portlet
 class CustomEditPortletExplorerHandler
          Override getAvailableFields() to provide default fields value.

Uses of EditDataHandler in com.jalios.jcmsplugin.jstoreforum

Subclasses of EditDataHandler in com.jalios.jcmsplugin.jstoreforum
 class EditAbstractForumDiscussionHandler
 class EditAbstractForumMessageHandler

Uses of EditDataHandler in

Subclasses of EditDataHandler in
 class EditAbstractWikiPageHandler

Uses of EditDataHandler in generated

Subclasses of EditDataHandler in generated
 class generated.EditAbstractPortletSkinableHandler
 class generated.EditPortletExplorerHandler
 class generated.EditPortletQueryForeachHandler

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