Class ImportManagerHandler

    • Constructor Detail

      • ImportManagerHandler

        public ImportManagerHandler()
    • Method Detail

      • processAction

        public boolean processAction()
        Description copied from class: JcmsFormHandler
        Method to be implemented to check/validate action to be performed and process them.

        Default implementation is to return false. No need to call super method.

        This method may NOT be invoked at all if security validation are not met.

        You must ensure your handler and JSP can work properly without any code invoked in this method.

        processAction in class JcmsFormHandler
        false if no redirection is needed, true otherwise
        Throws: - IO Exception
      • showEditSourceForm

        public boolean showEditSourceForm()
      • getAvailableSourceName

        public java.lang.String getAvailableSourceName()
      • getAvailableSourceUrl

        public java.lang.String getAvailableSourceUrl()
      • getAvailableSourceScheduleEnabled

        public boolean getAvailableSourceScheduleEnabled()
      • getAvailableSourceScheduleCron

        public java.lang.String getAvailableSourceScheduleCron()
      • getAvailableSourceScheduleFreq

        public int getAvailableSourceScheduleFreq()
      • getAvailableOptionFiles

        public boolean getAvailableOptionFiles()
      • getAvailableOptionCategories

        public boolean getAvailableOptionCategories()
      • getAvailableOptionLocal

        public boolean getAvailableOptionLocal()
      • getAvailableOptionMilestone

        public boolean getAvailableOptionMilestone()
      • getMainTab

        public int getMainTab()
      • getSourceTab

        public int getSourceTab()
      • setOpImportSource

        public void setOpImportSource​(java.lang.String v)
      • setOpFullImportSource

        public void setOpFullImportSource​(java.lang.String v)
      • setOpImportUrl

        public void setOpImportUrl​(java.lang.String v)
      • setOpImportFile

        public void setOpImportFile​(java.lang.String v)
      • setOpImportText

        public void setOpImportText​(java.lang.String v)
      • setOpSaveSource

        public void setOpSaveSource​(java.lang.String v)
      • setOpDeleteSource

        public void setOpDeleteSource​(java.lang.String v)
      • setOpConvertToLocal

        public void setOpConvertToLocal​(java.lang.String v)
      • setSourceId

        public void setSourceId​(java.lang.String id)
      • setUrl

        public void setUrl​(java.lang.String url)
      • setText

        public void setText​(java.lang.String text)
      • setId

        public void setId​(java.lang.String id)
      • setSourceName

        public void setSourceName​(java.lang.String v)
      • setSourceUrl

        public void setSourceUrl​(java.lang.String v)
      • setSourceScheduleEnabled

        public void setSourceScheduleEnabled​(java.lang.String v)
      • setSourceScheduleCron

        public void setSourceScheduleCron​(java.lang.String v)
      • setSourceScheduleFreq

        public void setSourceScheduleFreq​(java.lang.String v)
      • setOptionFiles

        public void setOptionFiles​(java.lang.String v)
      • setOptionCategories

        public void setOptionCategories​(java.lang.String v)
      • setOptionLocal

        public void setOptionLocal​(java.lang.String v)
      • setOptionMilestone

        public void setOptionMilestone​(java.lang.String v)
      • setMainTab

        public void setMainTab​(int v)
      • setSourceTab

        public void setSourceTab​(int v)