Class TypeListEditorHandler

    • Constructor Detail

      • TypeListEditorHandler

        public TypeListEditorHandler()
    • Method Detail

      • init

        protected void init()
        Description copied from class: JcmsFormHandler
        Method to implement if you need to initialize your handler from parameter received, prior to all security validation.

        You must absolutely not perform any action which modify data or site configuration.

        Therefore it is strongly recommend NOT TO implement this method, or use very wisely.

        init in class JcmsFormHandler
      • getRootClassName

        public java.lang.String getRootClassName()
      • getTypeSet

        public java.util.Set<org.jdom.Element> getTypeSet​(java.lang.String userLang)
      • isModified

        public boolean isModified()
      • isRestartNeeded

        public boolean isRestartNeeded()
      • isApplyNeeded

        public boolean isApplyNeeded()
      • isPortletEditor

        public boolean isPortletEditor()
      • isFormEditor

        public boolean isFormEditor()
      • isUGCEditor

        public boolean isUGCEditor()
      • isContentEditor

        public boolean isContentEditor()
      • isDatabaseSupported

        public boolean isDatabaseSupported()
      • getTitle

        public java.lang.String getTitle()
      • processAction

        public boolean processAction()
        Description copied from class: JcmsFormHandler
        Method to be implemented to check/validate action to be performed and process them.

        Default implementation is to return false. No need to call super method.

        This method may NOT be invoked at all if security validation are not met.

        You must ensure your handler and JSP can work properly without any code invoked in this method.

        processAction in class JcmsFormHandler
        false if no redirection is needed, true otherwise
        Throws: - IO Exception
      • setOpAdd

        public void setOpAdd​(java.lang.String v)
      • setOpUpdate

        public void setOpUpdate​(java.lang.String v)
      • setOpDelete

        public void setOpDelete​(java.lang.String v)
      • setOpRevert

        public void setOpRevert​(java.lang.String v)
      • setOpSave

        public void setOpSave​(java.lang.String v)
      • setOpSaveAndRestart

        public void setOpSaveAndRestart​(java.lang.String v)
      • setOpSaveAndApply

        public void setOpSaveAndApply​(java.lang.String v)
      • setOpForceUpdate

        public void setOpForceUpdate​(java.lang.String v)
      • setName

        public void setName​(java.lang.String v)
      • setNewName

        public void setNewName​(java.lang.String v)
      • setTypeLabels

        public void setTypeLabels​(java.lang.String[] v)
      • setTypeDescriptions

        public void setTypeDescriptions​(java.lang.String[] v)
      • setDebatable

        public void setDebatable​(boolean v)
      • setUnitFieldEdition

        public void setUnitFieldEdition​(boolean v)
      • setAudienced

        public void setAudienced​(boolean v)
      • setDatabase

        public void setDatabase​(boolean v)
      • setRevision

        public void setRevision​(boolean v)
      • setHbm

        public void setHbm​(boolean v)
      • setTableName

        public void setTableName​(java.lang.String v)
      • setCategoryTab

        public void setCategoryTab​(boolean v)
      • setReadRightTab

        public void setReadRightTab​(boolean v)
      • setUpdateRightTab

        public void setUpdateRightTab​(boolean v)
      • setTemplateTab

        public void setTemplateTab​(boolean v)
      • setWorkflowTab

        public void setWorkflowTab​(boolean v)
      • setAdvancedTab

        public void setAdvancedTab​(boolean v)
      • setAbstract

        public void setAbstract​(boolean v)
      • setCopy

        public void setCopy​(java.lang.String v)
      • setAuthGids

        public void setAuthGids​(java.lang.String[] v)
      • setCids

        public void setCids​(java.lang.String[] v)
      • setSuperClass

        public void setSuperClass​(java.lang.String v)
      • setCustomSuperClass

        public void setCustomSuperClass​(java.lang.String v)
      • setCustomFormHandler

        public void setCustomFormHandler​(java.lang.String v)
      • setCustomSuperFormHandler

        public void setCustomSuperFormHandler​(java.lang.String v)
      • setCustomInterfaces

        public void setCustomInterfaces​(java.lang.String v)
      • setOpenRole

        public void setOpenRole​(java.lang.String v)
      • setFormOneSubmit

        public void setFormOneSubmit​(boolean v)
      • setFormNotify

        public void setFormNotify​(boolean v)
      • setFormAuthorId

        public void setFormAuthorId​(java.lang.String v)
      • setFormWorkspaceId

        public void setFormWorkspaceId​(java.lang.String v)
      • setFormRedirectMode

        public void setFormRedirectMode​(java.lang.String v)
      • setFormRedirectUrl

        public void setFormRedirectUrl​(java.lang.String v)
      • setFormRedirectContent

        public void setFormRedirectContent​(java.lang.String v)
      • setFormRedirectCategory

        public void setFormRedirectCategory​(java.lang.String v)
      • setUgc

        public void setUgc​(java.lang.String v)
      • setRootClass

        public void setRootClass​(java.lang.String v)