Class PubChooserHandler

    • Field Detail

      • typeSet

        protected boolean typeSet
      • superTypes

        protected java.lang.String[] superTypes
      • itemAction

        protected java.lang.String itemAction
      • multivalue

        protected boolean multivalue
      • jsFunc

        protected java.lang.String jsFunc
      • chooserWorkspace

        protected Workspace chooserWorkspace
      • isAllWorkspace

        protected boolean isAllWorkspace
      • isAllMyWorkspace

        protected boolean isAllMyWorkspace
      • subTypeSet

        protected java.util.Set<java.lang.Class<?>> subTypeSet
    • Constructor Detail

      • PubChooserHandler

        public PubChooserHandler()
    • Method Detail

      • getResultSet

        public QueryResultSet getResultSet()
        Description copied from class: QueryHandler
        Return results of a query done using this QueryHandler.

        Warning: This method process the query each time it is invoked, therefore do not call it multiple times if you don't need it.

        getResultSet in class QueryHandler
        a QueryResultSet containing all results of this query, it is a HashSet and therefore it is NOT sorted. use either getAsSortedSet() or getAsSortedSet(Comparator) to obtain a sorted Set.
      • getSuperTypes

        public java.lang.String[] getSuperTypes()
      • setSuperTypes

        public void setSuperTypes​(java.lang.String[] superTypes)
      • setInitialSuper

        public void setInitialSuper​(java.lang.String... v)
      • setSuper

        public void setSuper​(java.lang.String... v)
      • showTypeChooser

        public boolean showTypeChooser()
      • initSubTypeSet

        public void initSubTypeSet()
      • getSubTypeSet

        public java.util.Set<java.lang.Class<?>> getSubTypeSet()
      • showSubTypeChooser

        public boolean showSubTypeChooser()
      • showPublicationInChooser

        public boolean showPublicationInChooser()
      • showContentInChooser

        public boolean showContentInChooser()
      • showUserContentInChooser

        public boolean showUserContentInChooser()
      • showFormInChooser

        public boolean showFormInChooser()
      • showPortletInChooser

        public boolean showPortletInChooser()
      • isDropEnabled

        public boolean isDropEnabled()
      • init

        protected void init()
        Description copied from class: JcmsFormHandler
        Method to implement if you need to initialize your handler from parameter received, prior to all security validation.

        You must absolutely not perform any action which modify data or site configuration.

        Therefore it is strongly recommend NOT TO implement this method, or use very wisely.

        init in class JcmsFormHandler
      • addFrontEndDependencies

        public void addFrontEndDependencies()
      • getSortedSet

        public java.util.Set<Publication> getSortedSet()
      • showPStatusFilter

        public boolean showPStatusFilter()
      • showAuthorAndGroupFilters

        public boolean showAuthorAndGroupFilters()
      • showAdditionalFilters

        public boolean showAdditionalFilters()
      • getWFStates

        public java.util.Set<WFState> getWFStates()
      • showAddButton

        public boolean showAddButton()
      • getAddButtonTypes

        public java.util.Set<java.lang.Class<?>> getAddButtonTypes()
      • isAllWorkspace

        public boolean isAllWorkspace()
      • isAllMyWorkspace

        public boolean isAllMyWorkspace()
      • showAllWorkspaceFilter

        public boolean showAllWorkspaceFilter()
      • setWorkspaceQueryHandler

        public void setWorkspaceQueryHandler​(WorkspaceQueryHandler workspaceQueryHandler)
      • isTypeSet

        public boolean isTypeSet()
      • setTypeSet

        public void setTypeSet​(boolean isTypeSet)
      • getItemAction

        public java.lang.String getItemAction()
      • setItemAction

        public void setItemAction​(java.lang.String itemAction)
      • setFilterMode

        public void setFilterMode​(java.lang.String filterMode)
      • isMultivalue

        public boolean isMultivalue()
      • setMultivalue

        public void setMultivalue​(boolean multivalue)
      • getJsFunc

        public java.lang.String getJsFunc()
      • setJsFunc

        public void setJsFunc​(java.lang.String jsFunc)
      • setChooserWorkspace

        public void setChooserWorkspace​(java.lang.String workspaceId)
      • getSubTypes

        public java.util.Set<java.lang.Class<?>> getSubTypes​(java.lang.Class typeClass,
                                                             boolean removeAbstract)
      • getFileDocumentSuperClass

        public java.lang.Class getFileDocumentSuperClass()
      • getAvailableChooserWorkspace

        public Workspace getAvailableChooserWorkspace()