Class ProcessingEvent

  • public class ProcessingEvent
    extends java.lang.Object
    This class represents a FileProcessor action/event. It is used only as an in-memory log, for GUI, displayed through in the admin page of the FileProcessor.
    $Revision: 29009 $
    • Constructor Detail

      • ProcessingEvent

        public ProcessingEvent​(Repository repository,
                               FileActionComponent component,
                               ProcessingType type,
                               ProcessingData.Type processingDataType)
        Create a new Action with information that never change
        repository - the repository in which event occured
        component - the component for which event occured (can be null)
        file - the file for which event occured
        type - the type of Processing which ocurred
        processingDataType - the type of ProcessingData
    • Method Detail

      • finish

        public void finish()
      • getRepository

        public Repository getRepository()
      • getStartDate

        public java.util.Date getStartDate()
      • getFile

        public getFile()
      • getEndDate

        public java.util.Date getEndDate()