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deployment of jalios agent inside Lotus Domino server


Jalios Agent is provided with Lotus Notes plugin. All portlets included in this plugin retrieve data from this agent to display Notes content in JCMS.

The agent is packaged in a jar file and should be deployed on Lotus Domino server.

Deployment of the agent in Lotus Notes 7.x

Database creation

  1. Open Lotus Domino Designer.
  2. Create a new database : File > Database > Create...
  3. In Title field type jaliosagent, Filename field is automatically filled with jaliosagent.nsf.

create domino db

Creation of the agent

  1. Open the database jaliosagent
  2. Select Shared Code > Agents
  3. Click on New Agent button lotus_new_agent_button

open base create agent

Agent frame opens.

Fill  lotus_agent_general_tab (Général tab) with these parameters:

create agent general tab

Fill lotus_agent_security_tab (sécurité tab) with these parameters:

create agent secuty tab

Close this windows with the cross.

Agent configuration

In the database jaliosagent, go to Action zone:

  1. Select Imported java
  2. Click on Import classes...

agent action

In Define java agent files

  1. Select the directory which contains the JAR
  2. Select the JAR in the left column
  3. Add this file in right column with Add/replace files button
  4. Fill Base class field with com.jalios.notes.JaliosAgent.class
  5. Click on OK button.

agent files

Agent frame contains JAR and base class is filled.

Click on File > Save.

Jalios Agent is displayed in agent list.

agent after import jar

Deployment for Lotus Notes 8.5

  • Open "Lotus designer"


Source image

  • Create a new application ("jalios agent" / jaliosagent.nsf)
  • Affect this application to the correct server and select "Blank' as model


Source image

  • Click on "Encryption" button and select "Do not locally encrypt this database"


Source image

  • Validate the creation of the application

Now, we configure read rights on this application.

  • Right-click on the application and go to "Application->Access Control"


Source image

  • Configure a read access by default (and perhaps others groups if any)


Source image

  • Click on "OK" for saving the parameter

Now, we will create the agent.

  • In the application, on the node "Code", click on "New Agent"


Source image

  • Fill agent name (Jalios) and choose "Imported Java" type


Source image

  • Agent window opens, cliquer on "Import Class Files" button


Source image

  • Add agent JAR (here notesAgent.jar)


Source image

  • Add class base (com.jalios.notes.JaliosAgent.class)


Source image

  • Some parameters should be configured for this agent.
  • To access to parameters screen, right-click in the grey zone on the top, zone which contains agent name and choose "Agent properties"


Source image

  • In "runtime" block, select "Agent list selection" in "Trigger" field and "All documents in database" in "target" field


Source image

  • Click on the key tab to access to rights management
  • Select "2. Allow restricted operations" in "Set runtime security level" field


Source image

* Agent is now installed. It's accessible with URL http://server:port/jaliosagent/Jalios?openAgent

Configuration in Jalios JCMS


  1. Go to plugin properties : Admin Area > Modules > Plugin Lotus Notes > Administration
  2. Fill Jalios Agent URL property with jaliosagent.nsf/Jalios?openAgent

lotus notes prop


To test agent deployment, open a browser with iNotes portal. Once connected to this portal, with the same browser, open URL:


The result is a XML document with empty documentset.

Import from  Notes


This paragraph is to define document import specifications from Notes to JCMS
It should be defined to fit to existing database.

A software exist to retrieve Notes styles: Notespeek

To get a particular field style, you must use "RichTextNavigator" (class contains in notes.jar)
The browser will construct a RichtextStyle and you will access to paragraph style.