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Zimbra Plugin 1.0


Zimbra plugin provides support of the Zimbra suite, and allows viewing of emails, contacts, calendar events and tasks thanks to the Zimbra API.

This plugin requires JCMS 8 SP1.


1. E-mails Portlet
2. Contacts Portlet
3. Task Portlet
4. IFrame Portlet


Functional Description

The Zimbra plugin allows to view information of the current user retrieved from Zimbra in different portlets:

  • E-mail Portlet: Displays the e-mails in the Zimbra inbox
  • Calendar Portlet: Displays the Zimbra calendar events in the Portlet of the Calendar Plugin
  • Task Portlet: Displays thes tasks
  • Contact Portlet: Displays the contacts entered in Zimbra
  • IFrame Portlet: Displays the Zimbra Web Client (ZWC)

The Zimbra plugin uses the Zimbra REST API.

Interaction with other plugins

The Zimbra plugin has a dependency on the Calendar plugin to display Zimbra calendar events in the Portlet of the Calendar Plugin


Add this plugin with the plugin manager.

Go to the plugin administration and information:

  • Zimbra base URL: The base URL for accessing the Zimbra Web Client (eg: https://zimbra.example.com/)
  • Zimbra API base URL: The base URL for accessing the Zimbra API (eg: https://zimbra.example.com/service/)

Restart JCMS.

Activate Zimbra Portlet types in the Workspace.

Configure a Zimbra account

You must enter your WebEx identifiers in order to view information from Zimbra.

For that, go to Edit my Porfile, then User Account.

Click Zimbra identifiers... link.

In the modal that opens, enter the Zimbra login and password then click the Save button.


E-mail Portlet

The e-mail Portlet allows to display the list of e-mails from the Zimbra inbox for the current user.

It is possible to select columns you want to display in the portlet:

  • Edit Portlet
  • Check and uncheck the columns boxes you want to display or not
  • Click Save

Contact Portlet

The contact Portlet allows to display the list of contacts from Zimbra for the current user.

It is possible to import a contact in JCMS:

  • ESN plugin is required to import contact.
  • Show ttcard by positioning the mouse over the contact's name or photo, then click Import...
  • Modal to add a new contact opens with the fields pre-filled based on the information entered in Zimbra.

Calendar Portlet

It is possible to display the Zimbra events of the current user in the Portlet of the Calendar plugin.

You must activate the Zimbra ability on the Portlet: 

  • Edit Portlet
  • In Personalisation (gearwheel), check the box Query Zimbra Appointments
  • Click Save

Task Portlet

The task Portlet allows to display the list of tasks from Zimbra for the current user.

Iframe Portlet

The iframe Portlet allows to display Zimbra Web Client.


  • 1.0
  • Stable
  • JCMS 8 SP1
Certified by Jalios
  • Yes
  • Paid Plugin
  • Jalios Support
  • Jalios SA
  • Jalios
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  • 6/27/13
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Required Plugins
v 3.5