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ESN Plugin 3.3


Jalios ESN is the Jalios Enterprise Social Network plugin. Totally integrable into JCMS, it promotes four broad functions:

  • Profile management
  • Activity tracking
  • Expertise management
  • Relationship management

For more information, please refer to these articles :


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2. Jalios ESN - tracking a user's activities
3. Jalios ESN - an experts directory
4. Jalios ESN - a relationship mapping



Install Jalios ESN plugin and restart JCMS.



Go to the default workspace's administration and add the following User Content types:

  • ESN - Education
  • ESN - Expertise
  • ESN - Job
  • ESN - Member Profile

Add the following Portlet types:

  • Portlet Connections
  • Portlet Member Activity


Graphviz is a free open source graph (network) visualization project from AT&T Research. Jalios ESN uses Graphviz to generates the graphical connection maps. If Graphviz is not install this feature is disabled.

Here is the procedure to install Graphviz:

  • Download Graphviz from http://www.graphviz.org/
  • Install Graphviz
  • In JCMS, go to the Jalios ESN plugin's administration and open the Properties tab.
  • In the Graphviz dot.exe path input, enter the file path for the dot.exe program (e.g. C:\Program Files\Graphviz2.22\bin\dot.exe)


In Jalios ESN, member can describe their expertise through categories. You can declare which branches of categories will be proposed to the members. If no branch is defined, the children of the root category will be used.

To declare the expertise branch:

  • Go to the Jalios ESN plugin's administration and open the Properties tab
  • In the Expertise Category Branch input, enter the IDs of the categories to be used as expertise branches

You can also force group assignment for member according their expertise. Here is the procedure:

  • Go to the Jalios ESN plugin's administration and open the Properties tab
  • Enable Group assignment from expertise
  • Edit WEB-INF/data/custom.prop and add the empty property extra.Category.jcmsplugin.esn.groups
  • Edit an expertise category and add the IDs of the associated groups
  • All the members associated to this expertise will be assigned to the associated groups.

For security issues, only the technical administrators can change the groups associated to a category.

Configure Terms and Conditions Agreement

To define Terms and Conditions Agreement:


  1. Create a content with the Terms and Conditions Agreement
  2. Go to the Jalios ESN plugin's administration and open the Properties tab
    • Enabled Agreement for Terms and Conditions required.
    • In Terms and Conditions for ESN - Publication, enter the identifier of the publication
    • In Terms and Conditions for ESN - Field, enter the java name of the publication's field which contains the text of the agreement.
    • Save

Once the Terms and Conditions Agreement has been defined, the first time the user try to access to his/her profile or to add/edit a contact, he will be redirect to the Terms and Conditions page to accept or decline the conditions.

To force all the users to accept or decline the new Terms and Conditions, just force the major update of the publication.


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