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Tasks Plugin 3.1


This plugin provide a Tasks Portlet. Tasks are stored in the JcmsDB. This plugin is intented to be used with the Virtual Desktop.

This plugin requires JCMS 7.1.


1. The Tasks Portlet
2. Task full-edition


Tasks Plugin v3.1

  • Fix [TASKS-15] Add support for Task on data
  • Fix [TASKS-16] Task Editor : add the "task group" widget
  • Fix [TASKS-17] Task Editor : do not propose the empty value in the priority list
  • Fix [TASKS-18] Add a link to add a task from the publication ttcard
  • Fix [TASKS-19] Add support for assigned tasks

Tasks Plugin v3.0

  • Fix [TASKS-14] Add compatibility with JCMS 7.1

Tasks Plugin v2.3

  • Fix [TASKS-13] Add compatibility with JCMS 7.0.3 security framework

Tasks Plugin v2.2.1

  • Fix [TASKS-10] Avoid XSS when editing task
  • Fix [TASKS-11] Do not propose to add new task if the workspace is closed
  • Fix [TASKS-12] If the WS is closed, do not propose to add task

Tasks Plugin v2.2

  • Compatibility with JCMS 7
  • Fix [TASKS-7] Cannot edit nor delete a task if it has a due date or a description

Tasks Plugin v2.1

  • Fix [TASKS-1] On IE, closed tasks are stroked but not grey
  • Fix [TASKS-2] Add support for collaborative tasks management
  • Fix [TASKS-4] All the tasks are hidden when the data writes are disabled
  • Fix [TASKS-5] New tasks are not displayed
  • Fix [TASKS-6] On IE, the task flickers when the mouse passes over

Tasks Plugin v2.0

  • Compatibility with JCMS 6.1

Tasks Plugin v1.1.1

  • Add OpenAPI access

Tasks Plugin v1.1

  • Add Due Date
  • Add Description
  • Add Priority
  • Add Indentation

Tasks Plugin v1.0

First release


  • 3.1
  • Stable
  • JCMS 7.1
Certified by Jalios
  • Yes
  • Module payant
  • Jalios Support
  • Jalios SA
  • Jalios
  • 97.33 KB
  • 10/21/12
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Required Plugins
Virtual Desktop
v 1.1.1