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Bookmarks Plugin 3.2


This plugin provides the Bookmark Portlet that can be used by the authenticated user to manage the list of bookmarks. This portlet can bookmark 3 kind of resource:

  • Links to external sites
  • Links to internal JCMS publications
  • Links to internal JCMS search

This portlet is compliant with the virtual desktop

This plugin requires JCMS 7.1 or an above Service Pack. It is not compatible with JCMS 7.1


1. The Portlet Bookmarks


--++ Bookmarks Plugin v3.2

  • Bug
    • [BP-27] - JavaScript error in Livepipe
  • Improvement
    • [BP-26] - Reduce the HTML weight of the portlet
  • New feature
    • [BP-28] - Add bookmark list in the topbar

Bookmarks Plugin v3.1 : http://issues.jalios.com/browse/BP/fixforversion/10925

  • Bug
    • [BP-23] - Blank page when adding a search to bookmarks containing " ' "
    • [BP-18] - When clicking on "External Link" many times, it's like alternating clics en "External Link" and "Content" but without the good tab layout
    • [BP-24] - Check if the fields are empty when editing a bookmark
  • Improvement
    • [BP-19] - check if url of external link is well formed

Bookmarks Plugin v3.0

  • [BP-17] - The cross "Remove this bookmark" and edit button in the portlet Bookmark doesn't work each time on IE9
  • [BP-20] - version 2.3 : IE9 : no action works when bookmark is created
  • [BP-22] - Add compatibility with JCMS 7.1

Bookmarks Plugin v2.3

  • [BP-2] - Script tag are not escaped
  • [BP-16] - Incoherent behaviour when multiple Bookmarks Portlets are in the same tag of Virtual Desktop
  • [BP-21] - Add compatibility with JCMS 7.0.3 security framework

Bookmarks Plugin v2.2

  • Compatibility with JCMS 7
  • [BP-11] - The cross "Remove this bookmark" in the portlet Bookmark doesn't work each time on IE7 and IE8

Bookmarks Plugin v2.1

  • [BP-4] - Add the lock icon
  • [BP-9] - The confirm box of the bookmark icon in the display header ignores the Cancel button
  • [BP-13] - New Bookmarks are not displayed
  • [BP-15] - Jcms5DataLoader: cannot import bookrmark with too large URL
  • [BP-14] - Hide the edit gadget when the data write are disabled

Bookmarks Plugin v2.0

  • [BP-8] - Add support to bookmark JCMS search
  • [BP-7] - The bookmark menu in the ctxmenu does not work
  • [BP-6] - A JS error occurs in the page with the bookmark icon in the display header icons

Bookmarks Plugin v1.1.0

  • Add support for Drag'n drop
  • Fix javascript error
  • Add link on FileDocument icon

First release

Bookmarks Plugin v1.0

First release


  • 3.2
  • Stable
  • JCMS 7.1
Certified by Jalios
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  • 10/21/12
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