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Blog Plugin 6.1


This plugin add Blog to JCMS.

Improvement from 4.1.1 version : - In order to answer to the potential quantity of Blogs, it is now persisted in database. - A new User experience - A blogosphere where each Member can now create its own blog


1. Portlet Blog
2. Gestion des billets
3. Gestion des commentaires
4. Blog d'espace collaboratif : liste des auteurs
5. Blog iphone
6. Page d'accueil d'un blog



Warning : The update from a 4.1.1 Blog Plugin requires the installation of another plugin : Blog 411 Migration Plugin

This plugin provides "Blogging" feature to JCMS using two publication's types:

  • BlogPost: A UserContent to display in a blog with a given title and a given abstract.
  • Blog: A Content with a layout to display a list of BlogPost and services.


This plugin is dependant with other plugins:

  • DBComment Plugin: Provides Comment feature on JCMS Content Types


Blog 5.0 comes now with a Blogosphere system, where every member can now creates its own Blog.

The blogosphere is a separate workspace created automatically if your add pack permits it and if the property "jcmsplugin.blog.create-blogosphere" is set to true in Blog plugin administration or in custom.prop before installing. If not, you will be able to select another workspace who will be used to contain all Blogosphere blogs

If your add-pack allows the creation of the blogosphere, you must define the property "Create blogosphere" to "yes". Restart the website, and your blogosphere will be created.

Use an existing Workspace as Blogosphere

To define you own workspace as Blogosphere workspace, you must update the following properties :

  • Members blog workspace id
  • Root category id of the blogosphere
  • Members of Blogosphere (Group)

You must activate following type :

  • Blog (basic workflow)
  • BlogPost (draft workflow)
  • BlogRequest (Blog request workflow)

You must then activate the role "writer" for the group defined in Members of Blogosphere property

Create a Collaborative Space Blog

Its pretty simple : just activate the Blog Portlet as dashboard and service and to create the blog through this portlet.
The types will be automatically activated. Every worker member of this Workspace will be able to publish in this Blog.

Agreement of terms and services

You can activate a terms and service acceptation for members when they will access their blogosphere blog for the first time.
In plugin properties, update the following properties :

  • Agreement for Terms and Conditions for Blogs is required : true or false
  • Terms and Conditions for Blogs - Publication : id of the Publication to be displayed
  • Terms and Conditions for Blogs - Field : name of the field to display to the user


Blog request

Every member can create his Blog

If the workflow "Blog request Workflow" is activated on the Form type "Blog Request" each member will have to wait for a validation before his Blog is created

You can create a Bloggers group, defined in plugin property. If a Member is in this Group, he will be able to create a Blog without validation

There's also an ACL : Creation of Blog in Blogosphere that lets Member create their Blog. Add this acl to a group, which will have "Blogosphere" as workspace


  • 6.1
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  • JCMS 7.1
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Required Plugins
DB Comment
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