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Collaborative Space Plugin 4.4


The Collaborative space plugin provides support to open, manage and work in Collaborative Spaces.

A Collaborative Space is a portal of services dedicated to a set of members. A collaborative Space is either public, private or secret.

All the publications of a private Collaborative Space are restricted to its members. In addition to functional services (calendar, wiki, document explorer, ...) special services are reserved to the administrators:

  • members management: to add members, send invitations and validate subscriptions
  • service management: to add and remove services
  • settings: to customize the behavior and the look of the collaborative space


1. A Collaboratif Space
2. Creation Form
3. Members
4. Services
5. Settings


  1. Install plugin
  2. Follow plugin's plugin embedded documentation
  3. Ask all your questions on plugin's dedicated forum in community.jalios.com


The full documentation of this version is still embedded in the plugin.

You can also consult the latest online documentation.

This plugin requires JCMS 7.1 SP3+.


1. How do access and signup policies work ?

At creation, and later in the Collaborative Space settings, JCMS offers 3 access levels : public, private and secret.

Accessing private or secret space's contents is only available for the space's attendees.

Signup mode depends on access mode :

Public Private Secret
Free sign-ups x x
Sign-up submissions validated by leaders x x
Sign-ups managed by leaders x x x
2. How to migrate from old "publicAccess" access policy to the "accessPolicy" new one ?

From version 4.1, a migration from old access policy publicAccess to the new one accessPolicy is needed.

Migration rules are :

publicAccess : true -> accessPolicy : public

publicAccess : false -> accessPolicy : secret

A Perl script, convertCSPublicAccessToAccessPolicy.pl, is available. How to use :

$ ./convertCSPublicAccessToAccessPolicy.pl store.xml > newStore.xml


  • 4.4
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  • JCMS 7.1 SP3
    JCMS 7.1 SP4
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