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Wiki Plugin 5.2


The Wiki plugin adds a Wiki Page management system for JCMS. A Wiki Page is a content type made of a title, a content field and optional metadata.

This plugins is compatible with the Collaborative Space Plugin.


  • Follow the PluginManager installation process.
  • Restart the site.

A video of the Wiki Plugin

Wiki Edition

The Wiki Page edition has been designed to be very easy. Each page can be created, updated and deleted from the front-office.

The content field contains text with the JCMS wiki syntax. The plugin adds 3 new tags :

  • [fig]...[/fig]: insert figures;
  • [toc/]: insert the Table Of Content. By default, the headings of the Wiki Pages are auto-numbered;
  • [abstract]...[/abstract]: to mark the abstract of the page.

Portlet Wiki

The plugin provides a new portlet, Portlet Wiki, which can be used to browse Wiki Pages through a category tree. A Wiki root is dedicated to this navigation. When the user clicks on a category, he is redirected to one of those 3 posibilities :

  1. On the Wiki Page editor if there is no page attached to this category (and if the user can publish Wiki Pages) ;
  2. On a list of Wiki Pages attached to this category ;
  3. On the main Wiki Page attached to this category. The main Wiki Page is either the only page attached to a category or a page marks as the main page.


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