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Conversation Spaces Plugin 1.1.3


The Conversation spaces plugin brings a new conversational dimension to JCMS. It provides a vehicle for contacts and interactivity between people interested in specific subjects. In a sense the conversation space is the successor of the traditional forum. This plugin presently supports three types of conversation space: suggestion box, collaborative FAQ or Forum.

A conversation space is managed by one or several animators. It is also possible to assign an expert group. Users start a discussion on a precise subject, often an idea, a question or a topic. The other members can participate at several levels, by posting reactions, answers and remarks or by voting. These votes help identify the most interesting ideas, the most relevant questions and the best answers. In this manner, the members help to enhance the value of the information.

By default, points and comments aren't activated on Forum. You can activate the points by modifying Forum type.

Conversation Space Community allows to regroup one Suggestion Box, one Social FAQ, and one Forum into one content.

The iPhone plugin makes conversation spaces accessible via an iPhone or Android smartphone. The interface enables remote participation (consult, vote, contribute) in all the user's spaces.


This plugin requires JCMS 7.0 SP3 or an above Service Pack. It is not compatible with JCMS 7.1.


1. Home
2. Question
3. Ideas list (sorted by views)
4. Dashboard


Social Conversation Plugin v1.1.3

  • Bug
    • [SCP-86] - Can not delete a conversation
    • [SCP-88] - If data write is disabled on startup, some Data that the plugin needs are not created, and no Warning message is displayed in console
    • [SCP-89] - When desactivating SocialComment in a Workspace, the user can still see the icon to perform a new comment

Social Conversation Plugin v1.1.2

  • Bug
    • [SCP-72] - A manager sees the link to edit / add tags on a conversation even if he cannot work on it.
    • [SCP-75] - Link to add/remove tags on a conversation is visible for managers who hasn't the right to edit a conversation
    • [SCP-76] - Incompatibility with jSync
    • [SCP-82] - Wrong order when filtering by "no reaction" & score
  • Improvement
    • [SCP-68] - Allow to select a category root that will not be in the automatically created Workspace SCP Category
    • [SCP-71] - Allow manager & admin to reset the status of an idea

Social Conversation Plugin v1.1.1

  • Bug
    • [SCP-19] - Default Portal used when using "Shortcuts"
    • [SCP-40] - UI : do not provide creation link if collab space is closed
    • [SCP-46] - Duplicate variable exception when clicking on a tag of a Conversation in full display
    • [SCP-50] - An update on a Conversation Space categories causes an infinite loop
    • [SCP-51] - A workspace admin cannot edit answers, comments and conversation in front office
    • [SCP-57] - Member score box is still displayed if none of the conversation Space in a community has score activated
    • [SCP-59] - Allow users to delete the conversation space category roots who are not targeted by a Conversation Space
    • [SCP-60] - The Portlet Conversation Space do not display a conversation if there is no community
    • [SCP-64] - NPE when creating a new CSCommunity by the step modal with a member who cannot create CSCommunity in current workspace
  • Improvement
    • [SCP-44] - Use pdate for stats of a conversation space
    • [SCP-65] - A new ConversationSpaceMember is created when a member access a conversationSpace
  • Task
    • [SCP-61] - Remove from plugin.prop the virtual id linking old jsps
    • [SCP-62] - Rename boite by boîte in french I18N properties

Social Conversation Plugin v1.1

** Bug * [SCP-14] - NPE when clicking a tag in side column * [SCP-28] - Score column not visible in some cases * [SCP-26] - Missed ending "div" tag in doBestContributors.jsp

** Improvement * [SCP-29] - add compatibility with JCMS 7.0.3 security framework" * [SCP-6] - Organize the list of the spaces in the filter of the portlet Conversation Space * [SCP-22] - Merge categories of conversation space in a community * [SCP-30] - New UI

** New feature * [SCP-25] - Allow to disable negative vote

Social Conversation Plugin v1.0.2

** Bug * [SCP-14] - Portlet Conversation Space do not display the selected Conversation Space if not logged * [SCP-15] - lack of a space character in info message when listing elements by score for a community that contains the 3 types and only 1 supports scoring * [SCP-16] - SQL Error when listing elements of a community that doesn't have scoring enabled * [SCP-17] - "your score" visible in community when the score system is off for all types * [SCP-18] - "your score" always visible in Portlet Conversation Space * [SCP-19] - Default Portal used when using "Shortcuts"

Social Conversation Plugin v1.0.1

1. Main new features

    • Added SocialForum type
    • Added ConversationSpaceCommunity type.
It can contain one Conversation Space of each type (SocialFAQ,SocialSuggestionBox,SocialForum)
    • A new form in the Conversation Space Community to add any type of conversation

2. Main updates

    • IHM
    • Code refactoring

3. Bugs fixed

    • SCP-1
    • SCP-2
    • SCP-3
    • SCP-7
    • SCP-8
    • SCP-9
    • SCP-10
    • SCP-11


  • 1.1.3
  • Stable
  • JCMS 7.0 SP3
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