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Collaborative Space Plugin 3.1


The Collaborative space plugin provides support to open, manage and work in Collaborative Spaces.

A Collaborative Space is a portal of services dedicated to a set of members. A collaborative Space is either public or private.

All the publications of a private Collaborative Space are restricted to its members. In addition to functional services (calendar, wiki, document explorer, ...) special services are reserved to the administrators:

  • members management: to add members, send invitations and validate subscriptions
  • service management: to add and remove services
  • settings: to customize the behavior and the look of the collaborative space


1. A Collaboratif Space
2. Creation Form
3. Members
4. Services
5. Settings


  1. Install plugin
  2. Follow plugin's documentation
  3. Ask all yours question on plugin's dedicated forum in JaliosXperience


Collaborative Space Plugin v3.1

  1. New features
    • [CSP-55] - Add an introduction portlet
    • [CSP-63] - Add support for typology of collaborative spaces
  2. Improvement
    • [CSP-56] - Preserve the forced portal
    • [CSP-58] - Sort services alphabetically
    • [CSP-61] - Allow new administration tab in FO
    • [CSP-66] - Make a specific FullDisplay to validate Collaborative Space open form
    • [CSP-68] - Add DataController : warning if use of typology category on Workspace whereas on CSPortal
    • [CSP-69] - Add a policyFilter to list CS by typology.
    • [CSP-75] - Member authorized to create workspaces should be able to select the administrators
    • [CSP-78] - In the creation interface, select the model at first
  3. Bug
    • [CSP-50] - Categories of private collaborative spaces are displayed in the request editor
    • [CSP-53] - Central administrator can not access private collaborative spaces
    • [CSP-57] - Pager on member list does not work
    • [CSP-59] - Internet Explorer : the administration tabs containing icons are splitted
    • [CSP-60] - Notifications are always sent to newly enrolled members
    • [CSP-67] - Invitation email : the sender and the name in the message are not the same
    • [CSP-72] - Spelling error "Accès publique"
    • [CSP-76] - Option "Add attendees and send notification" does not send mail to attendees when creating a new space
    • [CSP-77] - Cannot signup in a collaborative space without default group
    • [CSP-79] - Administrators do not belong to their newly created collaborative space

Collaborative Space Plugin - Version 3.0

Completly rewritten. New features:

  • Public/Private CS
  • Serveral Sign-up policies
  • Member management
  • Invitations
  • New Service management
  • New Layout and L&F management
  • New default L&F
  • Portlet My Collaborative Spaces
  • New form to request/create a collaborative space
  • ACL for collaborative space creation
  • ESN-friendly

Collaborative Space Plugin - Version 2.0

Compliant with JCMS 6.0.0

Collaborative Space Plugin - Version 1.0

New Feature

  • [CSP-33] - Make a POC on custom Portlet ExtraData stored in CollaborativeSpace (using PortletRSS)


  • [CSP-35] - DnD: Use new PortletCollection Framework


  • [CSP-34] - Portlet Drag and Drop do not store state
  • [CSP-36] - Strange behavior for template selection in front office


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