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Kofax Capture Plugin 2.1


Kofax Capture is a solution for the acquisition of paper. The acquision is by scanner of fax and stored in a repository.

This plugin imports the scanned files into JCMS or in a database and creates a new type named kofax type (base type). But depending on the type of document we create a sub type such as kofax invoice type (for invoice document), etc.

It monitor only one repository.

It is compatible with 6.1.* and higher versions of JCMS even JSync replication. The import file is made by the leader (main leader) to avoid redundancy of the file in JCMS.

The module can be configured to:

  • delete the files in the filing once imported into JCMS;
  • move in a specific directory these files in order to oversee the evolution of imports
  • store the files in a database.

Only xml files are treated by the plugin processor. It provides also specific parsers for creating different kofax content types. By default we give an example of invoice parser to create kofax invoice type. Then if you want to create another type of kofax content, create your custom parser and add it in the list of kofax parsers in the plugin properties file. So you need to restart the site.



In the plugin properties tab it is possible to set required and optional properties.

Required properties

  • Repository directory: the directory in witch the kofax solution put the scanned files. If not set the plugin is disabled.
  • Import author: the author of the imported files, the writer. If not specified the default administrator is the incomming data author.
  • Import workspace: the incomming data workspace Id. If not specified the incomming data belong to the default workspace.

Optional properties

  • File class: By default it is set to FileDocument for the classic import. Then for file in database use DBFileDocument.
  • Remove original files after import: if it is set to Yes files are removed from the repository. By default it is set to No.
  • Moving imported files: If it is set to Yes the files are move from the repository to the directory to move scan files after import. If this property is set the move directory must be set. By default it is set to No.
  • Directory to move scan files after import: the directory to archive files after import.
  • Schedule period (in minute): the delay observed between two scans of the repository directory.

The provided processor bind to the file processor by specifying that it support only xml files. But when process it take the corresponding pdf file.
So note that the scanned files must be in the pdf format and the processor is not call to process incomming pdf files.


  • 2.1
  • Stable
  • JCMS 7
    JCMS 8
    JCMS 9
Certified by Jalios
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  • Paid Plugin
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  • 5/29/13
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