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Wiki Plugin 4.1


The Wiki plugin adds a Wiki Page management system for JCMS. A Wiki Page is a content type made of a title, a content field and optional metadata.

This plugins is compatible with the Collaborative Space Plugin.

This version requires JCMS 7


  • Follow the PluginManager installation process.
  • Restart the site.

A video of the Wiki Plugin


Wiki Plugin 4.1

  1. Main new features
    • [WIKI-67] - List co-authors of a wiki page
  2. Main updates
    • [WIKI-39] - Wiki Root extradata is not typed as boolean
    • [WIKI-64] - Use monospace font when editing wiki page
    • [WIKI-66] - Do not propose wiki button in the display work view
  3. Bugs fixed
    • [WIKI-38] - Workspace's root categories cannot be selected as "Wiki Root" navigate categories
    • [WIKI-63] - Wrong display in wiki page's list when no abstract in wiki page

Wiki Plugin 4.0

  1. Main updates
    • Add support to Wiki Inline Section Editing
    • Increase the edited textarea size in FO edit form
  2. Bugs fixed
    • I18N button OK
    • Fix OK button size/css

Wiki Plugin 3.1

  • [WIKI-45] - PortletWikiNavigate: add WS refinement for text search
  • [WIKI-46] - WikiPage created from the CollaborativeSpace Dashboard are not put in the right Workspace
  • [WIKI-53] - Adding a new wiki page in a category is impossible on IE6
  • [WIKI-57] - External links are handled as link to new wiki page
  • [WIKI-60] - WikiPage created from the CollaborativeSpace Application are not put in the right Workspace

Wiki Plugin 3.0

Compatibility with JCMS 6.1

Wiki Plugin 2.0.1

New feature

  • [WIKI-43] - Add TOC level control


  • [WIKI-42] - Wiki Page List: display 10 wiki pages per pager page
  • [WIKI-44] - Prevent floating images to overlay on the next section


  • [WIKI-31] - TOC: links to sub section of page are incorrect and may trigger a reload of the page

Wiki Plugin 2.0.0

Compliant with JCMS 6.0.0

Wiki Plugin 1.0.2

New feature

  • [WIKI-29] - PubCtxMenu: Add a "refresh cache" item


  • [WIKI-22] - When creating a new WikiPage, the current category is not selected in the metadata
  • [WIKI-23] - When creating a new wiki page, fill the title with the current category


  • [WIKI-19] - WikiPagePortalPolicyFilter throws a NPE if there is no current category
  • [WIKI-20] - WikiPlugin does not work with JCMS release previous to 5.7.3
  • [WIKI-21] - WikiPagePortalPolicyFilter does not correctly handle the current workspace
  • [WIKI-30] - Wiki Page created from a red link are not referenced by their referrer
  • [WIKI-33] - Cached Wiki Content trim blank lines and spaces

Wiki Plugin 1.0.1


  • [WIKI-5] - Red links are not visible in a portal template: Blog, CS, ..
  • [WIKI-10] - Wiki Extra Data is not Editable


  • [WIKI-7] - Wiki links with no labels do not work
  • [WIKI-8] - WikiEditor does not release the lock
  • [WIKI-15] - The Wiki App Portlet is not robust enough if the Explorer plugin is missing
  • [WIKI-16] - The abstract of the WikiPage is not displayed
  • [WIKI-17] - Message jcmsplugin.wikipage.title-exists is not translated
  • [WIKI-18] - Edit WikiPage : CSS Issue in the metadata table

Wiki Plugin v1.0

First Release


  • 4.1
  • Stable
  • JCMS 7
Certified by Jalios
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  • 11/30/11
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