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JCMS 6.1 SP2 release notes

JCMS 6.1 SP2 release notes

Categories: Documentations , JCMS 6.1 SP2 , JCMS 6.1 , JCMS 6.1 SP2
Writer : Olivier Dedieu


  • JCMS-1830 - A JasperException Arise when the pager is used a long time after the page is displayed
  • JCMS-2039 - Some buttons are missing in Index Manager with IE6
  • JCMS-2057 - the width of thepane increase (tabpane.js)
  • JCMS-2072 - Statistics: only a very small set of stat entry are anlyzed during the generation of the report
  • JCMS-2075 - JCMS start-up is very long
  • JCMS-2078 - Javadoc is missing JcmsTestCase and Workspace.CollaborativeSpaceSelector in released war (404 not found)
  • JCMS-2079 - Cannot insert MP3 or FLV in wiki text, media tag [ flv path="..."/] and [ mp3 path="..."] do not work
  • JCMS-2080 - redirection after upload of a filedocument
  • JCMS-2082 - Pager of PQF displays in a FullDisplay disapear after an Ajax-Refresh
  • JCMS-2083 - required multivalued field link to members is not detected when submitting a type form
  • JCMS-2085 - WebDAV access are very long with Windows 7
  • JCMS-2086 - Filled members field with DBMember is still indicated as mandatory
  • JCMS-2087 - JS Error: Date Search and Duration Chooser throw error on restrictToNumerics()
  • JCMS-2088 - PortleDecorator not duplicated by WorkspaceWizard
  • JCMS-2089 - Edition for a wysiwig field with List Group does not work
  • JCMS-2092 - Removing type Article throw Exception in doEditFileDocument.jsp
  • JCMS-2093 - Can't publish a FileDocument field of a Form for a given Author
  • JCMS-2095 - pager in archiveBrowser do not work for All in One page link
  • JCMS-2096 - Improve permissions check of Uploaded FileDocument
  • JCMS-2097 - JavaScript exception in Workflow Editor
  • JCMS-2104 - Open roles not supported for DBData and Forms
  • JCMS-2105 - Cannot specify custom template in tag jalios:media (mediatag)
  • JCMS-2106 - Members' passwords are updated in Member Caddy even though password fields were not set
  • JCMS-2107 - Impossible to force deletion for a Workspace
  • JCMS-2108 - Google Chrome Frame is not detected
  • JCMS-2111 - A ClassCastException may arise when using the workspace manager wizard
  • JCMS-2113 - Reader Comparator is very slow
  • JCMS-2114 - Missing method for handler when defining Image Map
  • JCMS-2115 - Previous submitted parameters are shown in login URL
  • JCMS-2116 - Wrong title label when including a link to a content in a Wysiwyg field in IE8
  • JCMS-2118 - Group list doesn't work between simple text field and wysiwyg text field
  • JCMS-2119 - Group List doesn't work beetween two wysiwyg text fields
  • JCMS-2120 - Member chooser and All Member Search do not retrieve members in descendant group (only search in exact group and in children groups)
  • JCMS-2121 - Member still appears in a grand parent groups after his group hierarchy is changed
  • JCMS-2122 - A writer cannot create a publication in a state he is not a validator
  • JCMS-2123 - Bug on "Parcourir" button when selecting a file document
  • JCMS-2124 - Extension FullDisplay JSP contains invalid code
  • JCMS-2127 - tag jalios:thumbnail throws NoClassDefFoundError: Could not initialize class ThumbnailTag
  • JCMS-2128 - Mail sent from JCMS to a user with a UTF-8 character in its name is not accepted by postfix MTA
  • JCMS-2130 - DBMember is updated even though integrity constraints were not respected
  • JCMS-2131 - IOException in CSS Packer when CSS files contains absolute http URLs
  • JCMS-2132 - UserContent is updated even though integrity constraints is not respected
  • JCMS-2135 - Chrome Frame: IE6 provides a cached version to Google Frame
  • JCMS-2136 - Poping a pub in the caddy may throw a modal message that the connexion is not possible
  • JCMS-2137 - Some portlet are not visible in portal mode (portlets hidden through ShowPortalElement=false)
  • JCMS-2138 - Label not translated
  • JCMS-2139 - NullPointerException when renaming categories in the Caddy
  • JCMS-2140 - Organization field is not disabled in LDAP Editor
  • JCMS-2141 - NullPointerException when renaming Workspace in the Caddy
  • JCMS-2142 - 404 "/work/pubChooser.jsp" not found when using pager in wysiwyg with WebSphere
  • JCMS-2143 - The Select of Prototype is Broken and override Form id with wrong value
  • JCMS-2144 - Util.truncateHtml method doesn't work
  • JCMS-2145 - Some words located at end of publication or files are not searchable
  • JCMS-2147 - website properties > portal tab > portal-dnd option doesnt' work
  • JCMS-2148 - Widget: Upload item of the Document widget ctx menu does not work
  • JCMS-2149 - JCMS does not work with WebLogic 10.3.2 (error "cannot convert from Tag to JspTag")
  • JCMS-2152 - Edition of the title for the category in different language
  • JCMS-2153 - Cannot insert links in wysiwyg when using Google Chrome or IE + Google Chrome Frame
  • JCMS-2156 - Failed thumbnail creation attempts of Member/Publication contextual menu are not properly cached
  • JCMS-2160 - Email "Reply-To" header is set to default email address even though none has been specified
  • JCMS-2162 - PortletCollection Freeze with IE6 and LangFlags didn't works
  • JCMS-2164 - Message "Invalid RSS Feed" with RSS feed containing empty enclosure length
  • JCMS-2167 - Favicon does not work in Internet Explorer 7
  • JCMS-2168 - NPE may arise in OpenAPI when no FileDocument are in the store
  • JCMS-2169 - Private site login does not redirect properly if user is already logged
  • JCMS-2171 - Modal in IE6/7 do not trigger 'refresh:after' registered in the modal code
  • JCMS-2172 - In DB Form, multivalued enumared fields are not multivalued
  • JCMS-2175 - HibernateSessionFilter was not active for OpenAPI requests
  • JCMS-2176 - Drag drop in treecat is available only if loggedmember can manage roots category
  • JCMS-2178 - In DocUploadHandler, setRemoveFile add a wrong "removefile" flag
  • JCMS-2179 - OpenAPI : Creation of data is not stateless since workspace is find in session
  • JCMS-2180 - In back-office, a member can view DB Publications which do not belong to his workspaces
  • JCMS-2182 - ExtraDB properties and Portlet Abilities are displayed in Admin Plugin properties
  • JCMS-2183 - EditMember: removing a Member hang on Modal Confirm on IE6
  • JCMS-2186 - WorkspaceWizard: Can't manage UserContent (not displayed, not set)


  • JCMS-2040 - CalendarEvent: add a flag to determin if the author is an attendee
  • JCMS-2098 - StoreMerge: add the capability to merge stores without <JSTORE:SYNC> mark
  • JCMS-2103 - Improve JCMS Open API (RestException message, forbidden access logging, ClientUtil, new MemberElement class, compatibility with DBMember)
  • JCMS-2151 - Portlet Feed : use the display title of the portlet instead of the title
  • JCMS-2154 - Portlet Calendar: improve diary display
  • JCMS-2165 - JS & CSS Packer : add admin property for cache duration
  • JCMS-2166 - JS & CSS Packer : add manual versioning for improved control of cache invalidation
  • JCMS-2170 - WidgetChoosers do not handle correctly attribute "pstatus"
  • JCMS-2177 - When possible, display thumbnail with the FLV in wiki fields
  • JCMS-2189 - Force unlock when opening Lucene Index File

New Feature

  • JCMS-2084 - Add a way to disable the portlet caches for a given user


  • JCMS-2101 - AuthKeyHints add javadoc and log.warn if expiration date is in the past