JCMS 6.0 SP2 release notes

JCMS 6.0 SP2 release notes

Categories: Documentations , JCMS 6.0 SP2 , JCMS 6.0 , JCMS 6.0 SP2
Writer : Olivier Jaquemet

---+++ Bug * [JCMS-1825] - Invalid result number in query refinement interface * [JCMS-1827] - Weblogic : using a symbolic link for the upload directory leads to exceptions and invalid method behavior * [JCMS-1829] - Member List : DBData are ignored in the publication count. * [JCMS-1830] - A JasperException Arise when the pager is used a long time after the page is displayed * [JCMS-1831] - Audience Rights on portlet are not updated until JCMS is restarted * [JCMS-1832] - While SignUp Validation info messages are never shown * [JCMS-1834] - FLV video containing "avi" anywhere in their filename are not displayed in the wysiwyg * [JCMS-1836] - ReaderTracker displays the Default Author (for DBData) instead of anonymous users * [JCMS-1837] - Autocomplete of publication chooser widget does not work when specifying an abstract type outside "generated" package * [JCMS-1838] - Statistics log POST Request * [JCMS-1840] - Review : a simple member cannot update his review * [JCMS-1842] - Upload: After 50% of upload time remaining is 0ms * [JCMS-1847] - Field "FilePath" leading to FileChooser.jsp does not work * [JCMS-1848] - Widget Compilation error with DataExtension * [JCMS-1849] - Member and Group link field are not correcty handled for generated DBData * [JCMS-1851] - Wrong redirection after restart or delete in typeEditor * [JCMS-1852] - While generating java classes, channel.getClassInternal is invoqued while it is not supposed to be * [JCMS-1854] - AJax-Refresh: set/get AjaxRequestAttribute() do not work * [JCMS-1855] - Missing call to NDC.remove() of log4j may lead to memory leak * [JCMS-1856] - PortletRow: Do not default on 100% if there is no with and use style isntead of width * [JCMS-1859] - No confirm box in store cleaning interface for serious submit button * [JCMS-1860] - No style for result display * [JCMS-1864] - Spelling error * [JCMS-1865] - Capital letter in an Urid field * [JCMS-1866] - Links do not work as expected in the pager "page size" contextual menu * [JCMS-1867] - Workflow alerts are sent to disabled member * [JCMS-1873] - JcmsJspContext.addJSHeader is deprecated but not compatible with its previous behaviour * [JCMS-1874] - When flag "Hide when member is not logged", the code of the portlet is executed * [JCMS-1875] - "All in one page" in PQF does not work with DataBase Objects * [JCMS-1876] - LimitController / WorkspaceWizard: Cannot create CollaborativeSpace * [JCMS-1878] - Upgrade Manager show diff leads to OutOfMemoryException * [JCMS-1879] - Integrity violation on categories generated during a store cleaner * [JCMS-1881] - ExtraData are not hidden in unit field edition * [JCMS-1883] - NullPointerException when previewing duplicated portlet * [JCMS-1884] - Autocompletion: hook with target AC_XXX cannot return a DataSelector * [JCMS-1887] - URID must not start with a digit * [JCMS-1890] - 2 categories are created when importing category with a slash (/) in its name * [JCMS-1892] - An exception occurs while assigning a WF role * [JCMS-1895] - Imported data are created several times * [JCMS-1896] - error when creating a new workspace from a workspace model or an existing workspace that contains a portal which contains a portlet decorator * [JCMS-1897] - Edit member rights checkbox does not work correctly if a plugin insert input in form * [JCMS-1899] - wiki toolbar broken in modal window on workflow confirmation * [JCMS-1901] - Hibernate mapping fails if the generated type contains a category field * [JCMS-1902] - Friendly URL set on a category disappears when categories are re-ordered * [JCMS-1908] - Tabs are incorrectly added to a field using a "group list" property * [JCMS-1915] - It is not possible to disable notifications for a member * [JCMS-1916] - Util.unaccentuate() does not escape oe character * [JCMS-1917] - RightPolicyFilter is not started on a FileDocument * [JCMS-1918] - Multivalued disabled widget may be modified * [JCMS-1919] - Duplicate Members and Group after merge with dev copy (Ldap synchronisation should be automatically disabled a Dev copy) * [JCMS-1920] - Audience Rights have no effect on FileDocuments * [JCMS-1922] - When form is submitted and stored in store.xml, it doesn't appear in the workflow portlet whereas it appears when it is stored in database. * [JCMS-1923] - Category rights are not verified in notification email * [JCMS-1926] - Any administrator of workspace can put any member to any group and any other workspace * [JCMS-1928] - Can't manage Categories after defining a Category Extension * [JCMS-1929] - In PortletFeed, relative URL are not revolved if the abstract is a wysiwyg field * [JCMS-1930] - An error occurs while open the ctx publication * [JCMS-1935] - [SuggestJoin] Malformed URL Exception while using IHM to execute suggest Join * [JCMS-1937] - Redirect attribute of jalios:edit tag is not used after FileDocument upload * [JCMS-1939] - A webdav lock is not shown to worker in FD full display and strong locking is enabled * [JCMS-1940] - Do not propose to choose the main language in a publication's form if the site is monolingual * [JCMS-1942] - Bad redirection after a review submission * [JCMS-1945] - Most searched words are not shown in the "Search engine" statistic box * [JCMS-1947] - Export XML file content doesn't match the advanced query result. * [JCMS-1950] - MagicMimeTypeIdentifier does not close open files * [JCMS-1956] - CastException with Extension using Category Field * [JCMS-1959] - Global CSS style is not applied to rich text editor during page load * [JCMS-1965] - Inline option of a wysiwyg field can not be set from false to true by the interface * [JCMS-1967] - Statistics and reader tracker are counted several time for one access (IE8) * [JCMS-1968] - Javascript error "event.element is not a function" * [JCMS-1969] - TinyMCE "Format" bouton do nothing under IE7 * [JCMS-1970] - DBEventLog creation throw a exception when a DBData link to a Data * [JCMS-1971] - A com.jalios.jstore.UnknownStoreIDException occurs while updating a Workspace * [JCMS-1972] - While uploading a file in docChooser, informations are taken from another file * [JCMS-1973] - Uploading a file in Media Browser is not possible with IE6 * [JCMS-1974] - It is not possible to download a work copy in the deploy manager with IE6 * [JCMS-1975] - Spell checking may be inaccurate if a text is selected * [JCMS-1976] - Setting a field as abstract in GroupExtension leads to an exception at startup * [JCMS-1980] - Reindexing all publication/category only updates the first language index * [JCMS-1981] - Hibernate exceptions occurs when reindexing lucene index from back office * [JCMS-1987] - Category Tree is not visible in the Form tab in back office * [JCMS-1988] - NullPointerException when trying to generate friendly URL in Category caddy * [JCMS-1991] - A NullPointerException occurs while updating a Workspace * [JCMS-1992] - Portlet Workflow does not filter DB publications with the queries * [JCMS-1993] - Ajax "Wait State" Exception on JCMS embeded in an IFrame of another domain * [JCMS-1995] - Forms : "One Submit" option is not respected * [JCMS-1996] - Member's photo is still broken once a bad photo has been uploaded. * [JCMS-1997] - Drag and Drop of TreeCat's categories do not works in FF / Chrome * [JCMS-2005] - RightPolicyFilter not always called for FileDocuments * [JCMS-2007] - JS Error if a Modal is openened in a Modal * [JCMS-2010] - Through WorkspaceWizard, WKRole may be linked in roleMap by many Workspaces * [JCMS-2011] - Statistics: value of "single" Session/Visitor/Day is confusing * [JCMS-2031] - Weak links on DBData are not controlled * [JCMS-2034] - Impossible to modify WSTypeEntry while Workspace references types non longer existing * [JCMS-2056] - UserContent class are not checked where Content are checked * [JCMS-2059] - Convenient Setter ML of Publication do not clone Map ML for Updates * [JCMS-2060] - Wrong search behavior with colon * [JCMS-2062] - Pager ctxmenu appears outside viewable page area * [JCMS-2063] - Export: group and member fields are not exported in XML * [JCMS-2066] - WikiBar of TextArea in Modal do not work * [JCMS-2067] - Can't create a work copy of a publication whose validator has no longer validation right * [JCMS-2069] - JavaScript Error when a popup calendar is opened * [JCMS-2070] - Redirects in FileDocument and Forms do not work in WebSphere 6.1 * [JCMS-2079] - Cannot insert MP3 or FLV in wiki text, media tag 'flv path="..."/' and 'mp3 path="..."' do not work * [JCMS-2088] - PortleDecorator not duplicated by WorkspaceWizard * [JCMS-2092] - Removing type Article throw Exception in doEditFileDocument.jsp * [JCMS-2106] - Members' passwords are updated in Member Caddy even though password fields were not set * [JCMS-2107] - Impossible to force deletion for a Workspace * [JCMS-2121] - Member still appears in a grand parent groups after his group hierarchy is changed * [JCMS-2139] - NullPointerException when renaming categories in the Caddy * [JCMS-2141] - NullPointerException when renaming Workspace in the Caddy ---+++ Improvement * [JCMS-1826] - Improve search refinement on DB content * [JCMS-1828] - Add support for modal images * [JCMS-1835] - Show replace file doc option in advanced search interfaces * [JCMS-1839] - Add Target to doSkinButton.jsp / doSkinTitle.jsp * [JCMS-1841] - FAQ: Do not display anchor in Print View * [JCMS-1843] - ResultDisplay: Display all DataImage fields like FD preview * [JCMS-1850] - Sort portals by title in pubBrowser filter combobox * [JCMS-1862] - PluginManager: display the plugin's version at startup and in the statusXml.jsp * [JCMS-1869] - Add a optimize method of the lucene files index * [JCMS-1872] - Advanced best practice in invisibleZone definition * [JCMS-1877] - Display debug level log only when an unknown type is submitted to typesOff parameter in queryHandler * [JCMS-1882] - RightPolicyFilter: Improve scope of filter * [JCMS-1886] - Allow external id to have no time part * [JCMS-1891] - ImportManager: Add a property to control the connection timeout * [JCMS-1894] - Site Info : Display the size of the perm gen space * [JCMS-1903] - Too much request to the LDAP when a set of members is synchronized * [JCMS-1921] - Autocomplete: add an option to control how many results are proposed * [JCMS-1955] - Portal : add a new behavior for porlet copy in order to copy only once a portlet when a workspace is duplicated with the wizard. * [JCMS-1957] - Improve robustness if doHeader.jsp is used in portlet template (prevent StackOverflow when previewing its portal in backoffice) * [JCMS-1966] - Use Display Title in page title for portlet being displayed in front office * [JCMS-2006] - Ajax-Refresh Single submit action * [JCMS-2008] - Fix "Jump Effect" on slow browser displaying a Treecat with Autocomplete * [JCMS-2017] - Add boolean, double, long and Category fields custom field value hook * [JCMS-2018] - AjaxRefresh: Add support to injected JSP in AJAX (like Modal) * [JCMS-2019] - Add a Group Index of Declared Member * [JCMS-2025] - Remove from PQF results the first publication ---+++ New Feature * [JCMS-1978] - TypeEditor: Can't create a template for a new usage

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