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GoogleMaps Interface Plugin 2.0.3


This plugin adds geolocation capability for all JCMS data and it provides a portlet to display these data on Google Maps.

This plugin requires a GoogleMaps key.


1. Geolocation editor
2. Fields of GoogleMaps Portlet (inherit from Portlet Query/Foreach)
3. The GoogleMaps Portlet
4. Type "Location" with modal selection of starting location


GoogleMaps Plugin Documentation

  • Install the plugin and restard JCMS
  • Edit plugin properties: Admin > PluginManager > GoogleMaps Plugin > Properties
  • Provides a GoogleMaps API key (cut & past from GoogleMaps site)
  • Define list of Geolocalized type (default are Article Smallnews, ...)

When the plugin is ready:

  • Geolocalized data have a new GoogleMaps edit field
  • Templates for PortletQueryForeach and PortletLoggedMember are available
  • PortletGoogleMaps can be allowed in the workspace

New of version 2.0.1 :

  • Compatibility JCMS 6.1 SP1
    • JSP Refactoring
  • Improvement
    • EXIF Extraction and géolocalisation of FileDocuments
    • Automatic Map Zoom
    • Marker with "Letters" available
  • Framework
    • Add support of StreetView
      • DIV displaying StreetView
      • Displaying of "Little Guy" and StreetView layer
    • Add support of Direction (A => B)
      • Layer displaying Direction
      • DIV displaying steps
    • Type "Location" sample geolocalised template with StreetView and Direction.
    • Static Maps


1. Repositioning Google Logo, Terms of Use and Copyrights ?

It is against the Terms of Service, para 7.4(d) and 9.3(a):

7.4 (d) Proprietary Rights Notices. You agree that you will not remove, obscure, 
or alter any proprietary rights notices (including copyright and trademark notices,
Terms of Use links, or Brand Features) that may be affixed to or provided
through the Service. Where such notices are not affixed within the Service,
you agree to display such notices according to the Maps APIs Documentation.

9.3 (a) display to the users of your Maps API Implementation the link to Google's 
Terms of Use as presented through the Service or described in the Maps APIs Documentation;

According to GoogleGroups some people explain how to move or remove these elements. But HTML code may change and broke the tricks.

A turn around could be CSS property overflow:hidden sets on GoogleMaps DIV or a wrapper DIV. It's legally border line but google do this on their own web site. Warning ! this CSS property can do side effects.


  • 2.0.3
  • Stable
  • JCMS 6.1 SP1
    JCMS 7
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  • 1/30/11
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