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JCMS 6.1 SP1 release notes

JCMS 6.1 SP1 release notes

Categories: Documentations , JCMS 6.0 SP1 , JCMS 6.0 , JCMS 6.0 SP1
Writer : Olivier Dedieu


  • [JCMS-1958] - no redirection to the category from the auto complete result
  • [JCMS-1988] - NullPointerException when trying to generate friendly URL in Category caddy
  • [JCMS-1997] - Drag and Drop of TreeCat's categories do not works in FF / Chrome
  • [JCMS-2001] - Category Chooser MV with single field display multiple fields
  • [JCMS-2005] - RightPolicyFilter not always called for FileDocuments
  • [JCMS-2007] - JS Error if a Modal is openened in a Modal
  • [JCMS-2009] - A member is bound twice with the same group
  • [JCMS-2010] - Through WorkspaceWizard, WKRole may be linked in roleMap by many Workspaces
  • [JCMS-2011] - Statistics: value of "single" Session/Visitor/Day is confusing
  • [JCMS-2012] - Member profile doesn't display publish rights on Forms types
  • [JCMS-2013] - NullPointerException when invoking ant-svn.xml
  • [JCMS-2014] - A disabled member is available in the choice of Open Role.
  • [JCMS-2015] - ConcurentModificationException may arise while removing WKRole, while deleting a Workspace
  • [JCMS-2016] - "Upgrade" and "Delete" Buttons are stacked in the type editor
  • [JCMS-2022] - Audience Rights interface
  • [JCMS-2023] - Cannot correctly manage caddy from mediabrowser or any other popup or iframe
  • [JCMS-2026] - URL friendly: very long time between each character typing
  • [JCMS-2030] - In the caddy, "manage" link is available for readers
  • [JCMS-2031] - Weak links on DBData are not controlled
  • [JCMS-2033] - CalendarEvent: in the notification mail and in full display, the author is not part of the attendees
  • [JCMS-2034] - Impossible to modify WSTypeEntry while Workspace references types non longer existing
  • [JCMS-2036] - Bad CSV export if string contains double quotes
  • [JCMS-2043] - Multiple category chooser Widget does not work as expected
  • [JCMS-2045] - Accentuated characters are not supported in parameters of multipart request through OpenAPI Client (Java)
  • [JCMS-2046] - While updating a Data stored in Database, tests on oldPub are done with new values
  • [JCMS-2047] - Weekly and monthly notification uses start time specified for daily notification
  • [JCMS-2049] - DBMember caddy is missing export CSV button
  • [JCMS-2050] - CSV export of a Data does not use translated DataName
  • [JCMS-2052] - Wysiwyg appears in plain text mail when sending publication to a friend
  • [JCMS-2053] - Webdav option "Edit document" is still visible in properties editor but is not used anymore
  • [JCMS-2054] - Webdav WebFolders cannot be opened in IE 6, error web folder address too long
  • [JCMS-2055] - Item "Browse with Webdav" is always displayed in category contextual menu even though browser does not support it
  • [JCMS-2056] - UserContent class are not checked where Content are checked
  • [JCMS-2058] - WidgetChoosers do not handle correctly attribute "ws"
  • [JCMS-2060] - Wrong search behavior with colon
  • [JCMS-2061] - Cannot send email to address containing quote (regular expression used to check email does not comply with rfc2822)
  • [JCMS-2062] - Pager ctxmenu appears outside viewable page area
  • [JCMS-2063] - Export: group and member fields are not exported in XML
  • [JCMS-2066] - WikiBar of TextArea in Modal do not work
  • [JCMS-2067] - Can't create a work copy of a publication whose validator has no longer validation right
  • [JCMS-2070] - Redirects in FileDocument and Forms do not work in WebSphere 6.1
  • [JCMS-2071] - StoreConverter performs only modification from version n-1 to n
  • [JCMS-2074] - Member: search returns no result if the text contains leading or a trailing spaces
  • [JCMS-2076] - JCMS Javascript Libraries do not handle Event's Element that are not DOM Element


  • [JCMS-1885] - CategoryChooser: add an option to set a Root Category
  • [JCMS-2004] - Display the choice of the Open Role when validating by contextual menu
  • [JCMS-2006] - Ajax-Refresh Single submit action
  • [JCMS-2008] - Fix "Jump Effect" on slow browser displaying a Treecat with Autocomplete
  • [JCMS-2017] - Add boolean, double, long and Category fields custom field value hook
  • [JCMS-2018] - AjaxRefresh: Add support to injected JSP in AJAX (like Modal)
  • [JCMS-2019] - Add a Group Index of Declared Member
  • [JCMS-2020] - Add new Front Office Member Views to display Members
  • [JCMS-2021] - Tab in synonyms categories
  • [JCMS-2025] - Remove from PQF results the first publication
  • [JCMS-2032] - FileDocument: add the lock/unlock action
  • [JCMS-2035] - StoreMerge: add an option to preserve the <JSTORE:SYNC> in the new store
  • [JCMS-2048] - StoreMerge: return a status code
  • [JCMS-2068] - ThumbnailTag: Generate thumbnail of the given Width/Height if a background has been provided

New Feature

  • [JCMS-2073] - Add hook to allow descriptive URLs without ID and using exact text during resolution


  • [JCMS-2028] - Remove all $REVISION$ in JSP and custom classes