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Dynamic Forms Plugin


The Dynamic Forms Plugin allows contributors to create forms such as Quizz or Survey by themselve without the need to call a developper or an administrator, even without restarting the webapp.


1. The forms are created by a contributor with a specific ergonomy and various options.
2. Various types of questions exist with specific options and processings.
3. The fields may be splits in chapters. A table of content may be displayed.
4. The results may be analyzed through a statistic panel for instance.


Follow the PluginManager installation process. Then restart the site.

It is recommanded to use the question workflow for the Question type in workspaces.


DynamicForms Plugin 1.1

  1. Bug fixes
    • [DYNFORM-9] - Good Answers are not displayed when editing question that should display them
    • [DYNFORM-10] - Language problem while editing a dynamic form in a multilingual site
    • [DYNFORM-11] - Table Of Contents of dynamic forms are always in the default site's language
    • [DYNFORM-12] - Missed "doDynamicFormsFooter.jspf" inclusion at the end of displaySubmission.jsp
    • [DYNFORM-13] - Text Area is limited to 256 letters, while saving the text is cut without warning
    • [DYNFORM-14] - NPE when exporting dynamic forms with anonymous submitter
    • [DYNFORM-17] - NPE when a file question is not attached to dynamic form
    • [DYNFORM-18] - NPE when creating form that contains empty item question in the questions set
    • [DYNFORM-19] - Malformed URI sequence if a question proposition contains a non uri encoded character
    • [DYNFORM-21] - The good answer for a date question type is stored but not printed when editing the question
    • [DYNFORM-22] - Behaviour are not saved with checkbox questions
    • [DYNFORM-25] - Warning on welcome page with all fields lost
  2. Improvements
    • [DYNFORM-15] - Add support for multilingual question
    • [DYNFORM-16] - Add an option to allow form update after first submission
    • [DYNFORM-20] - Homogenize the visibility of the action links
  3. New Features
    • [DYNFORM-1] - Add support for DBFileDoc with a compatibility with 6.1
    • [DYNFORM-4] - Support step by step submissions for a form

DynamicForms Plugin 1.0

1. Main new features

    • No restart/dev for forms creation
    • Editorial (Jstore) Question and Dynamic forms types (created and managed by workers)
    • DB storage for Submissions and technical objects (stats results) : for huge volume support
    • Programmatibility extensibility of question kinds
    • Advanced Specific ergonomy for DynamicForms and Questions
    • Synthesys (tables, CVS export and statistics) on submissions
    • Ctx Menu for Dynamic forms with deletion of all submissions for a form
    • Unique or multiple submissions for one form for one member
    • Submission for logged member/anonymous member (to be configured for each form).
    • Many Question types available :
        • Files
        • TextArea
        • Checkbox
        • RadioButton
        • Mixed (Button + checkbox + ...)
        • Date
        • Integer
        • Categories Tree (checkbox)
    • Score management
    • Mandatory fields
    • Welcome and goodbye screen
    • Design may be modified by a designer
    • Question and forms not modifiable when one submission is done
    • A form may be closed


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  • JCMS 7.0
    JCMS 6.1
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