JCMS 6.0 SP1 release notes

JCMS 6.0 SP1 release notes

Categories: Documentations , JCMS 6.0 SP1 , JCMS 6.0 , JCMS 6.0 SP1
Writer : Olivier Dedieu


  • [JCMS-1508] - FLV resized in wysiwyg cannot be display in full screen
  • [JCMS-1654] - an udate attribute is setted when merging a work copy in a minor version with original
  • [JCMS-1678] - Workflow can be deleted although roles are affected in a workspace
  • [JCMS-1679] - Search button grey tinted
  • [JCMS-1680] - PluginManager: lightbox with scrollbar
  • [JCMS-1681] - Lucene indexing is not scalable for DB Publications
  • [JCMS-1684] - TreeCat: bad redirect after deletion
  • [JCMS-1685] - Missing property msg.query.begin-date-after-end-date
  • [JCMS-1686] - Bad message when adding a plugin
  • [JCMS-1687] - Wrong error message when starting a work copy
  • [JCMS-1688] - statusXml.jsp does not reply if the site is down
  • [JCMS-1689] - PubCtxMenu: in validate menu, the current state is clickable
  • [JCMS-1690] - Ajax-Refresh performance issue
  • [JCMS-1691] - On some searches, a JS error occurs while accessing to page 2 and next
  • [JCMS-1692] - FileDocument are counted twice
  • [JCMS-1693] - CtxMenu: it can be only extended by one plugin
  • [JCMS-1701] - Specific read rights on attached FileDocument are lost
  • [JCMS-1702] - Notification on DB Publication is incorrect
  • [JCMS-1703] - Ajax-Refresh issue with the back button of the navigator
  • [JCMS-1705] - The Default Template is not refined for the current workspace
  • [JCMS-1706] - Ajax Refresh: Missing URL ContextPath
  • [JCMS-1716] - Wiki tag written in the description field of the download box are not considered in Media Browser
  • [JCMS-1717] - Cdate and mdate column are inverse in the caddy manager interface
  • [JCMS-1718] - An exception occurs while checking the integrity report
  • [JCMS-1726] - Email sending : Enter key create a tabulation
  • [JCMS-1727] - Invalid redirect when merging a work copy with its original in diff with original interface
  • [JCMS-1732] - Wrong message in caddy mgr interface if logged member cannot edit pub in the caddy
  • [JCMS-1733] - The workspace is lost when the user is redirected on the login form
  • [JCMS-1734] - Relevance is missing on all DB content found from a text search
  • [JCMS-1735] - NumberFormatException arise while computing stats
  • [JCMS-1738] - Portlet insertion in "portal mode" when login portlet is in full display generate lots of exceptions.
  • [JCMS-1739] - Missing search result when text contains dash/minus (-)
  • [JCMS-1741] - JSync: An exception occurs while the leader tries to update a replica
  • [JCMS-1742] - Warning message when identical names group are imported from LDAP
  • [JCMS-1744] - Images in mail are broken if the site is private
  • [JCMS-1746] - The progress bar display wrong info when 2 files are uploaded simultaneously
  • [JCMS-1747] - Clicking on arrows of multivalued categories field with dropdown display leads to home page
  • [JCMS-1749] - Workspace Wizard allows to make workspace with integrity not verified
  • [JCMS-1754] - Problem to uncategorize a content
  • [JCMS-1756] - OpenAPI SearchResource doesn't return data with rights
  • [JCMS-1757] - CSS conflict in MediaBrowser
  • [JCMS-1759] - Data lost in wywisyg field
  • [JCMS-1762] - MediaBrowser CSS messed up when MediaBrowser is opened from wysiwyg
  • [JCMS-1766] - ExtraData and ExtraDBData on super type are not saved
  • [JCMS-1767] - NullPointerException when performing a textual refinement on a DBContent search
  • [JCMS-1768] - The strore writes are not stopped after a disk full exception
  • [JCMS-1769] - Workflow role non deletable
  • [JCMS-1770] - DeployManager: an error occured if the store to be deployed has not been updated
  • [JCMS-1773] - AuthenticationKey : Expiration duration is not working as expected
  • [JCMS-1775] - Member Rights vs Portlet Modification in FO
  • [JCMS-1776] - PortletCollection : TabDisplay : JS Exception while adding a new Portlet
  • [JCMS-1778] - Compilation error of signupv.jsp, doFileDocumentDiff.jsp or printCaddy.jsp due to Quote in Quote
  • [JCMS-1779] - Javascript error "mceEditorTable is undefined" when opening wysiwyg popup edition
  • [JCMS-1784] - Exception occured when trying to attach a document from the sending e-mail form
  • [JCMS-1787] - Bad type label for some DB Types
  • [JCMS-1788] - An IllegalStateException occures if JSync is enabled with Derby database
  • [JCMS-1789] - [OpenAPIClient] AuthKey authentication is not available for authkey with prefix
  • [JCMS-1790] - OpenAPI: plugin's resource classes are missing
  • [JCMS-1791] - Refinement: cannot unselect "refine on my publication"
  • [JCMS-1793] - Ajax-Refresh : all the submit inputs are sent when the user validates the form
  • [JCMS-1794] - ReaderTracker: some members are count several times
  • [JCMS-1795] - StoreConverter 5.7 to 6.0 breaks WSTypeEntry templates
  • [JCMS-1797] - JSync fails to synchronize with a SocketTimeoutException
  • [JCMS-1798] - DBEventLog : A NullPointerException with unknown data
  • [JCMS-1799] - Glossary and Faq : double workbanner & missing draft entries in preview page
  • [JCMS-1800] - TypeEditor : default value is proposed even if the field is multivalued
  • [JCMS-1802] - Nullability exception in logs for authorId field of some DBData
  • [JCMS-1803] - NPE when include tag is used outside a portal (eg in a popup)
  • [JCMS-1804] - "reset" button is not translated in english in form edition
  • [JCMS-1805] - Member creation : equality between Password1 and Password2 is not checked
  • [JCMS-1810] - JSPacker: Exception when packing an external JS File with parameters
  • [JCMS-1811] - Workflow edition : icon "clear" redirects to home page
  • [JCMS-1812] - Impossible to set a reminder on a workflow state
  • [JCMS-1813] - In meta keywoard, multilingual categories are not printed in the user language.
  • [JCMS-1815] - DBContent are ordered by mdate even though PublicationCriteria.setOrder() was used to specify another field
  • [JCMS-1816] - Pager does not work on pub browser for DB forms
  • [JCMS-1817] - AjaxRequestWrapper overrides ajax's request attributes
  • [JCMS-1819] - Portlet Workflow displays DBContents for all members
  • [JCMS-1820] - Rights on "Future content types" can not be saved
  • [JCMS-1821] - In the caddy, "search and replace" throws a NPE
  • [JCMS-1823] - Different Indexing/Searching behavior for Files vs Publication (accented caracters, dash, quote, etc)


  • [JCMS-1630] - Plugin packaging: include source by default
  • [JCMS-1636] - Add Proxy Cache support to JSync
  • [JCMS-1694] - PluginManager: change the first message
  • [JCMS-1696] - Rollback the transaction if the data writes are disabled
  • [JCMS-1698] - Improve the presentation of the stat portal
  • [JCMS-1700] - Change the confirm message to remove a portlet
  • [JCMS-1704] - Add Hook to autocomplete
  • [JCMS-1708] - Add Calendar Event's description in fulldisplay of PortletCalendar
  • [JCMS-1709] - Add nofollow
  • [JCMS-1710] - Mini calendar: add CSS for past days
  • [JCMS-1712] - Improve the error message when an upload is rejected
  • [JCMS-1715] - OpenAPIClient : add method to decode basic type
  • [JCMS-1719] - modify search settings of Lucene
  • [JCMS-1721] - Add support for mime type application/vnd.ms-word
  • [JCMS-1722] - Caddy : use lightbox for confirmation
  • [JCMS-1723] - In FileDocument ctxMenu, add a new item "Download"
  • [JCMS-1724] - Allow queryXml.jsp and exportCSVQuery.jsp path to be modified using ResourceHelper property
  • [JCMS-1725] - Provide a way to define which jsp can be access when site is private.
  • [JCMS-1729] - Improve support for OpenXML file
  • [JCMS-1730] - PortletFeed: add support for authKey
  • [JCMS-1740] - Accessibility: Add default style sheet language and default scripting language
  • [JCMS-1743] - StoreConverter: convert type declarations and convert comment
  • [JCMS-1745] - DeployManager: remove production specific files in dev copy
  • [JCMS-1748] - Portlet Calendar: in the Week views display the year and the week number
  • [JCMS-1751] - FileDocument : improve ExtraData support
  • [JCMS-1752] - FileDocument : add a target in the DocChooser
  • [JCMS-1753] - CtxPolicyFilter should support PortletCtxMenu
  • [JCMS-1755] - Add support for Cut and Paste for Firefox
  • [JCMS-1758] - Add more information when a plugin fails at the startup
  • [JCMS-1761] - Show the indexing date for publications
  • [JCMS-1764] - Set a property to modify default behaviour for email visible while a member is created
  • [JCMS-1774] - Widget: provide a preview of the wysiwyg when widget is disabled
  • [JCMS-1777] - In the pubBrowser, distinguish the publications with specific read rights and the ones with computed rights
  • [JCMS-1780] - Improve details in result display
  • [JCMS-1781] - Portlet Search: add refinement on the current workspace
  • [JCMS-1782] - Regenerate the internal JCMS password for LDAP user
  • [JCMS-1783] - Member : save the previous last login date
  • [JCMS-1786] - Export: indicates which field is the abstract and the ML relationship
  • [JCMS-1796] - Ajax-Refresh Search engine sort bar
  • [JCMS-1806] - Form submition in Ajax-Refresh using JavaBean
  • [JCMS-1807] - Improve FileDocument import
  • [JCMS-1822] - Plugin Manager : Sort plugins in alphabetical order using plugin name in current language

New Feature

  • [JCMS-1695] - PortletFeed: option to generate the AuthKey
  • [JCMS-1699] - Add support for SQL Server 2005 and 2008
  • [JCMS-1772] - Add the FieldStatus mechanism to control how the fields are presented in an edit form

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